Mazda’s bucolic cute-as-a-button mini-SUV


Mazda CX-3 Akari GayCarBoys (2)

Mazda CX-3 Akari GayCarBoys (1)Mazda CX-3 Akari GayCarBoys (3)

Mazda CX-3 Akari GayCarBoys (4)

Yes Yes Yes oh YES!: Classy feel, frugal, loaded with gear

Oh dear me no: some cheap plastic, rear camera not on all models.

The figures are out and Mazda has sold almost 66,000 cars so far this year, up from almost 60,000 last year. Mazda outsells both Ford with 40,557 and Holden at 59,632, with Toyota selling an astonishing 118,554 to date. The Mazda 3 leads the charge at 23,252, and is just pipped at the post by the Corolla from Toyota at 25,323.

What does this all mean? It means this: the 2 biggest sellers in the country are Japanese, and both outsell the old Aussie favourites, Holden and Ford. Other interesting facts: large (non-luxury) car sales continue to plummet at 13% less than this time last year. As if that wasn’t disastrous enough, full size large cars (Caprice and 300c) are down a huge 49.4%. The luxury market remains more or less unaffected by this trend. SUV’s continue to rise with a total of 232,350 now making up 34.6% of all vehicles sold in this country which is up a massive 13.4% on last year at this time. 

I mention all these dull-as-dishwater figures to show the SUV market is continuing its rise and is now a behemoth created by the world’s fixation on lifestyle vehicles. When I say lifestyle, I mean people are buying the lifestyle that want to have, not the one they actually have. At the same time we are buying more small cars than large cars, trending to small, fuel efficient sedans and hatches, and to SUVs of all styles and sizes.

So now we arrive at the reason for Mazda to release a small, fuel efficient SUV, the best of both worlds. The CX 3 was launches only a few months ago and already has sold 5,535. So far so good then.

We decided to look at the vehicle looking like being a runaway success and to examine why.

There is no point pretending buyers don’t look at price first and CX 3 is priced from $19,990 (Neo FWD Petrol Manual) to $37,690 (Akari AWD Diesel Auto).

There are 2 engines, a 77kw 1.5 diesel getting 4.8L/100k and a 109kw Petrol using 6.1L/100k, which are linked to either a 6 speed manual or 6 speed auto driving either all wheels or just the front wheels. Rather refreshingly Mazda is offering a huge range of combinations in drive wheels, engine and transmission combos.

Because there are so many trim level, transmission and drive combos, we would be here all day running through how they all look, feel and drive so we will stick to some basics.

Now we have done the boring bits let’s move on to the fun stuff.


Cute! The proportions are perfect. They seem to suit a smaller vehicle exactly. The flowing lines of the Kodo (meaning Soul and Motion) design are meant to evoke a sensual feel and so it does. It looks muscular and energetic and has enough ground clearance for a little soft-roading should the mood take you. Although as we all know most SUVs never tackle much more than a gravel drive, the CX 3 certainly looks the business.

The trim levels aren’t obvious from the outside but our Diesel base model looked a little dirty in the pearl greyish white. However colour is a matter of personal taste so moving swiftly on, let’s move inside.


Mazda CX-3 Akari GayCarBoys (5)Mazda CX-3 Akari GayCarBoys (6)

Most obvious is the 7” tablet-style touch screen though which the controls vehicle and audio functions. It is reasonably fast to react to commands and most functions can also be done by giving the knob between the front seats a twiddle. It looks remarkably like something you’d find in an expensive European and the only thing lacking was the scratch pad in the top of the knob. Perhaps that’s something for the midlife facelift. You have to have something to look forward to in your next car after all.

Mazda CX-3 Akari GayCarBoys (11)Mazda CX-3 Akari GayCarBoys (10)

The cabin ambience is something you’d expect in a car that costs more too. There are one or two places where the plastic looks a bit cheap such as the top surface of the dashboard but overall the cabin looks classy and elegant. There is stitched vinyl and leather and soft other soft touch surfaces. The steering wheel feels good in the hands and all of the controls fall easily to hand but more about all that later. The two tone effect on the seats and doors looks amazing, but all of us will find something in a car that we really like. Of all things to be fascinated with, I couldn’t take my eyes off the central vents. Most of the face level vents are the sporty circular jobs but one is almost concealed within the trim of the face of the dash. I thought it beautiful in a slightly retro kind of way. I like design that is there to function yet look pretty.

Mazda CX-3 Akari GayCarBoys (9)

The Bluetooth is super easy to navigate. As you know I always give big extra points if you can pair a phone in under a minute without having to consult the bible.

We did all the usual things people want to do in their daily lives. There is plenty of room in the cargo hold for your wet gear and camping stuff so long as there is just you and your hunny. I did manage to get a bike in the back but the front passenger seat needed to be move farther forward than all but a very small person would find comfy. As a personal sports activity vehicle the size is perfect. The back seats fold down with a single flick of the buttons on either side of the backrests. Doing simple things easily is a must-have if they are ever to be used as the designers intend.

Mazda CX-3 Akari GayCarBoys (8)Mazda CX-3 Akari GayCarBoys (7)

The feel of the cabin is cosy and comfy which is remarkable in a car which can be had for under 20 grand. It is hard to believe this is an entry level car. Mazda gets big snaps for keeping it real.

The Drive:

Part of the Sky Active suite of gadgets is the stop/start function. This and other bits of Japanese cleverness give the CX 3 positively puny fuel usage numbers. Mazda claim them to be best in class but to be fair there are not a whole lot of small or subcompact SUVs worth driving. Interestingly your fuel tank is only 44 litres in the AWD as opposed to the 48 litres in the FWD and the petrol engines will sing happily on E10. Hallelujah praise the lord! That means you can use the cheapest fuel and on the highway you even get from Sydney to Brisbane on a single tank (depending on whether or not you chose auto or manual, petrol or diesel and AWD or FWD).

*The fuel figures may vary between models which have I-stop, automatic, manual, petrol and diesel and because the choice range is so extensive you should check the figures on the Mazda website to confirm. The site also lists the full range of features.

What this means is you’re able to buy yourself a comfy all-purpose vehicle which is small but more than capable of doing a good old Aussie road trip without turning a hair.

Both gearboxes are smooth and easy to use and both engines are nippy, even in traffic. The soft ride seems aimed at comfort rather than sporty handling but it doesn’t feel compromised in any way. There is a little body rolls in tight corners but you have to keep in mind you’ve selected the small SUV not the uber-fab MX5 sports car. My favourite phrase “Horses for courses” comes to mind, so you’ll tend more to a leisurely drive in the country rather than rounding mountain bends racing-style.

Parking is generally easy especially in the rear camera models. It’s a doddle to get into and out of parking bays, and because the exterior is positively Lilliputian, you can park in tighter spots than you’d be able to in a bigger car.

We had both petrol and diesel models and loved both engines. They felt smooth and although they aren’t exactly Arnie Schwarzenegger power-wise, the acceleration feels spritely.

What this all means is you get good comfort coupled with frugal drinking habits resulting in guilt free motoring. You can go camping or shopping in a pretty car without feeling like the greenies are going to egg you the first chance they get. You can even do a road trip with a couple of bags, some pillows and a favourite blankey, and still have enough room for the ugly souvenirs and nasty shirts you  gather despite your best efforts.

The top model gets low speed auto braking for city use. No, we didn’t try it out. You might be surprised to find you get blind spot monitoring, cross traffic alert (warning you of traffic as you back out of parking spots) along with the auto braking on the top model (optional on other models). It is hard to believe you get such sophistication on an entry level vehicle but there it is.

One thing to keep in mind that none of these gizmos are meant to replace good driving. They are a last resort not a first response.


The drive was thoroughly engaging, and dare I say it, fun. The cabin has a cosy feel and you don’t feel foolish for driving such a small car. Some small cars make some badge-savvy blokes feel like they are driving a girl’s car. You may even feel like you have to explain that your car is being mended and you’re borrowing someone else’s, but not the CX 3. You can drive through the shopping centre car park very smugly indeed because you can do almost everything the big boys can do for less money, less fuel, and in smaller spaces. Rather more impressively it looks like you spent far more money than you actually did. You’ll recall the Holden Trax we tested a while back. You’ll remember how unimpressed we were with it. We blamed the nasty entry level feel for everything wrong with it. We said we could see no reason for a small SUV. All before it have failed badly. The drove like drays and felt more like cars from last century than anything built in the last 12 months. We are now eating those words.

CX 3 is the same price as  Holden’s Trax (and other small SUVs) but has far more gear, is nicer to drive, is pretty to look at. It feels thoroughly classy and has Mazda build quality so it will probably outlast god. My biggest complaint about most of them is the lack of an AWD option

Whilst I’m not an SUV buyer, and prefer sporty rides, I’d happily drive one all day and all night.

I had to really look hard to find something negative to say to keep a balanced review but it wasn’t easy.

Would I buy one? Yes, and so would 1,300 other people a month. I’ll always prefer convertibles if there is one to be had but would be very happy to use the CX 3. I predict this will become Mazda’s biggest seller. How is that for a recommendation?


2.0 petrol FWD

                             6 sp manual                     6 sp auto                         

Neo                     $19,990                             $21,990

Neo Safety         $21,020                             $23,020

Maxx                   $22,390                             $24,390

Maxx Safety       $23,429                             $25,420

sTouring             $26,990                             $28,990

sTouring Safety $28,020                             $30,020

Akari                   $31,290                             $33,290

1.5 diesel FWD                                            

Maxx                                                              $26,790

Maxx Safety                                                  $27,820

2.0 petrol AWD

Maxx                                                              $26,390

Maxx Safety                                                  $27,420

sTouring                                                        $30,990

sTouring Safety                                            $32,020

Akari                                                               $35,290

1.5 diesel AWD

sTouring                                                        $33,390

sTouring Safety                                            $34,420

Akari     (includes Safety pack)                  $37,690

Prices do NOT include ON ROAD CHARGES


*Safety pack includes: Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring (ABSM)

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Smart City Brake Support 


Engine diesel: 4cyl turbo, 77kw/270Nm, 4.8L/100k

Engine petrol: 4cyl, 109kw/192Nm, 6.3L/100k                               








The Peugeot 308 Racing Cup: Bred to Race. Who wants a go in this one?

Peugeot 308 Racing Cup gaycarboys (3)

Peugeot 308 Racing Cup gaycarboys (1)Peugeot 308 Racing Cup gaycarboys (2)

Peugeot 308 Racing Cup gaycarboys (4)Peugeot 308 Racing Cup gaycarboys (5)

Peugeot 308 Racing Cup gaycarboys (6)Peugeot 308 Racing Cup gaycarboys (8)

Peugeot 308 Racing Cup gaycarboys (7)Peugeot 308 Racing Cup gaycarboys (9)

Peugeot 308 Racing Cup gaycarboys (10)



Peugeot is stepping out of the shadows and into the bright up lit world of racing once again. Who thought the halcyon days of the French auto maker were done? Not me. Peugeot Sport waved their magic fingers sprinkling their fairy dust as far as the ey could see.

The 308GTi by Peugeot is just the ticket to re-invigorate the brand. They were not content with this, or perhaps no body told them to stop, so they’ve only gone and created a racing version called the 308 Racing Cup. Who wouldn’t like a few rounds in that baby?

Here is the press release more or less as received and as Big Kev used to say “I’m excited”.

Now, read on:

Designed by the designers at Style Peugeot, the generous proportions and aerodynamic forms of the Peugeot 308 Racing Cup are clear pointers to its technological content, which has been honed by the brand in motorsport. The package will satisfy even the most exacting and discerning of customers who seek performance and driving pleasure.

Powered by the same 1.6-litre THP engine as that which can be found under the bonnet of the 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport, the 308 Racing Cup already produces 308hp (+38hp compared to 308 GTI by Peugeot Sport) after only the first phase of its development!

A sleek, racy silhouette
Its stance, curves and aerodynamic finesse offer the first hint to the model’s pedigree breeding. Based upon the Peugeot 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport, which is widely ac-claimed for its assertive character, the 308 Racing Cup adds its own distinctive muscular look.

For its wider wheels to fit, the arches have been widened, endowing the Peugoet 308 Racing Cup with an unmistakeable athletic look. This is most notably suggested by its larger overall width which has been extended to 1,910mm – 106mm more than the 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport.

The spoiler that will adorn the rear of the car takes its inspiration directly from the WTCC regulations.

The front and rear bumpers and front splitter are specific to the 308 Racing Cup and enhance its aerodynamic efficiency with an aggressive touch.

Similarly distinctive are its 18-inch wheel rims which can be fitted with either slick or wet-weather tyres (27/65).

On-board technology
The 1.6-litre THP engine is derived directly from the powerplant which drives the 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport. The brand’s engine specialists at Vélizy have further honed its performance to head off an increasingly high level of competition in the motorsport arena. In this way and by incorporating the turbo used for the 208T16, the Peugeot 308 Racing Cup has already surpassed the 308-horsepower threshold. Ongoing development work will offer the opportunity to produce even more potent and radical performance.

The Peugoet 308 Racing Cup similarly borrows elements of the suspension from its road-going counterpart, such as the pivots and rear beam. In other areas, in order to adapt the car for the racetrack, the brand’s engineers have opted for a number of specific parts, such as six-piston brake-callipers. Meanwhile, the six-speed sequential gearbox benefits from steering wheel-mounted paddle-shifters.

The weight of the Peugeot 308 Racing Cup was also a priority in its design and will be restricted to between 1,000kg and 1,050kg.

An international career ahead
The Peugeot 308 Racing Cup will be available from the end of 2016 to customers all around the world. It is intended that it will succeed the RCZ Racing Cup in both single-make championships and saloon and sportscar racing series such as the VLN in Germany, CER in Spain, CITE in Italy and BGDC in Belgium, or even endurance championships like the 24H Series.

A tempting cocktail to be unveiled in Frankfurt
The Peugeot 308 Racing Cup will appear on stage at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 17-27. Then, trading the bright lights of Frankfurt for track action, it will be unleashed in public for the first time at Paul Ricard, France, during a demonstration run at the 2015 GT Tour’s finale (October 24-25).

Watch the Peugeot 308 RACING CUP on Youtube :

Technical data

Type: the 1.6-litre THP engine from the 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport (turbocharger from the 208 T16)
Power: 308hp
Cubic capacity: 1,600cc
Maximum power: at least 308hp
Exhaust diameter: 70mm
Fuel tank: standard
Fuel injection: direct, high pressure

Six-speed sequential gearbox with steering wheel-mounted paddle-shifters

Structure: body shell reinforced by multi-point welded FIA-standard roll cage
Body: specific front and rear bumpers and wings
Glazing: polycarbonate rear side windows and rear screen
Weight: minimum: 1,000kg / maximum: 1,050kg
Front/rear weight split: 63% / 37%
Adjustable toe/camber/ride-height/rear wing angle/dampers (compression and rebound)
Jack: three pneumatic hoists

Length: 4,288mm (not including WTCC-spec rear wing)
Width: 1,910mm
Wheelbase: 2,620mm
Specific front and rear bumpers and wings
Front splitter
WTCC-spec rear wing
Specific 10” x 18” wheels
Slick and wet weather tyres (27/65)

Dynamic energy: Bold new exterior design for next-generation Kia Sportage

All New Kia Sportage gaycarboys (2)

All New Kia Sportage gaycarboys (3)All New Kia Sportage gaycarboys (1)

PRESS RELEASE as received from Kia


(SEOUL) August 27, 2015 – Kia Motors has today revealed the first official exterior images of the all-new Kia Sportage, featuring an attractive new design. The all-new Sportage will make its global debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show on September 15, 2015.

Entering its fourth-generation, the all-new Kia Sportage features a bold, progressive design, with the vehicle’s designers creating a sense of power and agility from every angle. Echoing the contrast of smooth and sharp shapes found on some of the most iconic modern fighter jets, the Sportage creates visual harmony out of the tension between sharp, defined feature lines and smooth surfacing.

The ‘face’ of the all-new Sportage represents the biggest change to the car’s design, with the car’s headlamps no longer integrated with the grille for the new model, instead sweeping back along the outer edges of the more sharply-detailed bonnet and bolder wheel arches. Immediately recognisable as a Kia, the Sportage’s lower, wider ‘tiger-nose’ grille adds more volume to the lower half of the Sportage’s face, resulting in a more imposing appearance and a more stable-looking stance.

The all-new Sportage is characterised by its sportier, more raked profile. From the side, the all-new Sportage retains the swept-back silhouette of the outgoing model, with a roofline that tapers slightly towards the rear of the car, longer front overhangs, shorter rear overhangs and longer wheelbase. Smooth bodywork, bolder wheel arches and sharp lines endow the Sportage with a more dynamic, muscular look.

At the rear, the horizontal forms and surface volume emphasise the car’s width and give the compact SUV a more stable appearance. Inspired by the 2013 Kia Provo concept car, the slim combination lamps are joined by a strip that runs the width of the rear, while turn signals and reversing lights are separated, relocated lower down to add more visual weight and a greater sense of stability to the lower half of the car.

The design of the new Sportage has been led by Kia’s European design studio in Frankfurt, Germany, with input from the brand’s Namyang, Korea and Irvine, California design centres.

Jaguar F-PACE sets the standard for ride and handling #FPACE


Jaguar F-PACE gaycarboys (1)Jaguar F-PACE gaycarboys (2)

Jaguar F-PACE gaycarboys (3)Jaguar F-PACE gaycarboys (4)



  • Exceptional ride and handling enabled by Double wishbone and Integral Link suspension
  • Enhanced agility delivered by F-TYPE-derived technologies including Torque Vectoring
  • Electric power-assisted steering gives immediate response and connected feel
  • Unmatched driver engagement and reward

Wednesday 26 August 2015: Featuring sports-car derived chassis systems and evaluated on the same demanding roads as all other Jaguar vehicles, the new F-PACE will offer an unrivalled breadth of dynamic ability. This is a performance crossover designed around people who love driving.

The new F-PACE will reward drivers and passengers alike with a blend of agility and comfort that is unlike anything else in the segment. Whether on twisting mountain passes, flowing country roads or high-speed motorway cruising, the new F-PACE delivers responsiveness and precision with exceptional refinement and composure.



“We haven’t made any compromises or exceptions: the new F-PACE had to be a true Jaguar and had to deliver the dynamics DNA.

“We’ve tested ride and handling to the limit in all environments and in all conditions, and the result is that the new F-PACE is as engaging and rewarding to drive as it is comfortable and quiet. As soon as you get into the vehicle you know immediately that it’s a good place to be.”
Mike Cross, Chief Engineer of Vehicle Integrity, Jaguar

Developed using Jaguar’s Lightweight Aluminium Architecture, the new F-PACE is designed to handle with precision and control without sacrificing ride comfort – it’s what makes a Jaguar stand apart from the competition. Taking full advantage of the body structure’s inherently high stiffness, the sophisticated double wishbone front suspension and Integral Link rear suspension provide the best possible starting point: tuned to perfection, they make the new F-PACE incredibly responsive yet also ensure that the impacts, undulations and extreme cambers of even the most challenging roads are handled with ease.

Jaguar F-PACE gaycarboys (5)

The electric power-assisted steering system maintains Jaguar’s leadership in steering. Everything between the steering wheel rim and the tyre contact patch is optimised to ensure that the new F-PACE responds immediately to the slightest input, giving a truly connected feel. Incorporating all of the learning from F-TYPE, the system gives even greater feedback.

Combined with the torque vectoring technology first developed for F-TYPE and the torque on-demand all-wheel drive system, the new F-PACE delivers outstanding agility in all weathers and on all surfaces.

To make development and testing even more efficient, the vehicle integrity team’s subjective assessments are fed back into the computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools used by the vehicle dynamics CAE team. This improves the models and therefore delivers even better simulation results – and vice-versa. This iterative loop of continuous improvement ensures that prototype vehicles are ever better, benefiting the tuning and assessment process.
NoteS to Editors

  • The world premiere of the Jaguar F-PACE will be at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September
  • The F-PACE is the latest aluminium-intensive Jaguar and will be manufactured in Solihull, UK
  • The F-PACE will go on sale from 2016

Peugeot goes back to the future with final thirty 208 GTi cars

208GTi & 205GTi gaycarboys

Peugeot Australia to offer the final 30 208 GTis at a 1980s price of $29,500

  • Customers gain thousands of dollars in specification over 1980s price
  • Offer ends October 21, 2015 or until stocks last^

The 1980s saw the launch of many cult classics, arguably headed by the Back to the Future trilogy and Peugeot’s eponymous 205 GTi hot hatch.

Some thirty years on, Peugeot Australia will go back to the future offering its final run of current 208 GTi, the spiritual successor to the 205 GTi, at its original 1980s recommended retail price of $29,500*.

Much like when Marty travelled from 1985 to 2015 in Back to the Future 2, the limited offer will expire on October 21, 2015 or until stocks last.

When launched in Australia the 205 GTi featured a naturally aspirated 1.9 litre four-cylinder drivetrain developing 88kW and 153Nm of torque.

Drive was via the front wheels with power transferred by a 5 speed manual, enough to propel the vehicle to 100km/h (yet not quite the 88 miles per hour required for time travel) in 8.5 seconds.

Today’s 208 GTi features a turbocharged 1.6 litre drivetrain developing 147kW and 275Nm; enough to cover the 0-100km/h sprint in 6.8 seconds.

Drive remains via the front wheels, with power placed to the ground via a 6-speed manual transmission.

The 208 GTi scores the following improvements over its 1980 sibling:

  • More powerful drivetrain
  • 7 inch touch screen with satellite navigation
  • Cruise control with electronic speed limiter
  • six airbags
  • ABS with Electronic Brake-force Distribution
  • Emergency Brake Assist
  • Remote control central locking and alarm
  • Rear parking sonar
  • Dual zone climate control air conditioning
  • Power steering
  • Electric windows and folding mirrors
  • Electro chromatic rear view mirror
  • 6 speaker audio
  • Steering wheel audio controls
  • Bluetooth and AUX connectors
  • Trip computer
  • 17 inch alloy wheels
  • Cornering fog lamp function
  • Follow me home illumination
  • LED daytime running lamps
  • Longer warranty

John Startari, General Manager of Peugeot Australia, said the 20-series Peugeots an in particular the GTi models, have held iconic status for over 30 years.

“Since it launched 30 years ago the Peugeot 205 GTi has always been viewed as an icon, one of the greats of the hot hatch segment and we thought it fitting to recognise its status with its spiritual successor; the 208 GTi,” said Startari.

“While we can’t travel back in time it’s amazing to think just how far vehicles have come in 30 years – particularly the humble hatchback.

“In 1985 the idea of a vehicle having Bluetooth, satellite navigation and the like was as believable as a flying car that ran on plutonium. Yet today it’s the reality and for such a little difference in price.

“We are certain that all 30 vehicles will be spoken for fairly quickly, so our only advice is to get in to a dealer before you’re OUTATIME,” said Startari.

The last remaining 30 Peugeot 208 GTi will make way for a revised model late in 2015, with final details and pricing announced closer to launch.

*Pricing quoted is recommended retail price and does not include on-road costs or metallic paint.
^Offer expires October 21, 2015 or until stocks last. Offer valid on existing stocks only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Island of Islay: Birthplace of the Land Rover name

Islay Celebration Drive gaycarboys (2)

Islay Celebration Drive gaycarboys (3)Islay Celebration Drive gaycarboys (4)


August 21 2015 press release


  • Land Rover returns to the island where its name was created for unique heritage drive event
  • Islay, Scotland was used as a testing ground by Spencer Wilks in 1947, where several of the early Series Land Rover prototypes were put through their paces
  • A variety of vehicles were used to explore the island, including a 1954 Series I 107” Pick-Up, 1965 Series IIa 88” Tilt and 1980 Series III 109” Station Wagon, as well as the Defender Heritage Edition

Islay Celebration Drive gaycarboys (5)

Whitley, UK, August 19 2015 – Islay, Scotland is an important place in the history of Land Rover. More than 60 years ago, the island – affectionately known as the “Queen of the Hebrides” – is where an automotive icon was given its name.
Spencer Wilks, then the Managing Director of the Rover Car Company, owned the Laggan Estate on the island. In 1947, while driving his heavily modified Rover 12 across the rugged landscape, the estate’s gamekeeper Ian Fraser remarked that it must be a “Land Rover”, thus the name was born.

In recIslay Celebration Drive gaycarboys (1)ognition of this, Land Rover made the journey to Islay to capture a unique film and to celebrate 67 years of continuous Series Land Rover and Defender production and to see the place that inspired the vehicle’s renowned nameplate.

While on the island guests drove a variety of Series Land Rovers and Defenders, including a 1954 Series I 107” Pick-Up, 1965 Series IIa 88” Tilt and 1980 Series III 109” Station Wagon. The trip also included a visit to the Kilchomen Distillery, owned by Kathy Wills, Spencer Wilks’ great-granddaughter.

Renowned for its vast landscapes, rugged terrain and the production of some of the finest whisky in the world, Islay became the undisclosed testing ground for production Land Rovers in the late 40s, with the Wilks brothers continuing to use the island as a proving ground as they developed the Series Land Rover.

Roger Crathorne, author of ‘Born in Lode Lane’, comments: “Despite many of the vehicles being more than 50 years old, they are still adept at coping with the rough and challenging terrain that Islay has to offer, perfectly demonstrating the capability that Land Rover has always been renowned for.”

he Audi RS 4 Avant serves the NSW Police Force

NSW Police Audi RS 4 Avant Gaycarboys

  • The RS 4 Avant offers the perfect combination of performance and practical utility
  • Use of this Audi Sport highlight vehicle will assist Lake Illawarra LAC in a variety of community and youth engagement programs

Illawarra, 20 August 2015 – The Lake Illawarra Local Area Command of the New South Wales Police Force has taken delivery of a brand-new Audi RS 4 Avant to support a variety of community and youth engagement programs.

The Audi RS 4 Avant is being pressed into service for the Lake Illawarra LAC for a period of 12 months. It is liveried in a design chosen by almost 800 Audi Australia Facebook fans, in a competition that ran in June.

“The RS 4 Avant is the perfect vehicle to support the NSW Police Force in their youth engagement programs,” said Andrew Doyle, Managing Director of Audi Australia.

“It commands presence on the road, thanks to its muscular engine and striking looks. The design chosen by our Audi Australia Facebook fans amplifies the RS 4’s dynamic shape to round off what is a remarkably imposing stance.

“It is important for Audi Australia to show its support of the NSW Police Force, and especially their youth engagement programs, as a way of giving back to the community. Audi has been extraordinarily successful in Australia over the last decade, and so we are delighted to contribute in this way,” said Mr Doyle.

“The Audi RS 4 provides an exciting and visible platform for our community and youth engagement activities,” said Superintendent Wayne Starling, Commander of Lake Illawarra LAC.

“Our use of the RS 4 will encourage people of all ages to introduce themselves to local police, using the car itself to help start up a conversation.”

The Audi RS 4 Avant
Performance is what the RS 4 Avant delivers best. The powerful 4.2-litre FSI high-revving V8 engine generates a fearsome 331kW of power and 430Nm of torque. Combined with the fast-shifting 7-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission, the RS 4 Avant sprints from rest to 100 km/h in an incredible 4.7 seconds. The transmission responds incredibly quickly to the driver’s commands for even more dynamic driving.

This does not come at the cost of responsible fuel efficiency: the RS 4 Avant averages 10.7 litres per 100km in the combined cycle. CO2 emissions are 249 grams per kilometre.

This fuel efficiency is aided by an electromechanical steering system that provides excellent response for sporty drivers. As with every Audi RS model, the engine’s power flows to all four wheels via the quattro permanent all-wheel drive, here with a self-locking crown-gear centre differential, torque vectoring and the quattro sport differential, which actively distributes the power between the rear wheels. The brake system features large, internally vented discs with an innovative wave design.

The Lake Illawarra LAC community engagement programs
Lake Illawarra Command is committed to delivering regular community and youth engagement opportunities.

Community engagement is about consultation, participation and communication –
Police talking with and seeking the views of the communities they serve, and working with them to develop responses and strategies to solve crime, reduce violence and improve local safety. This approach breaks down barriers with the community and reduces the fear of crime. It also promotes confidence in the NSW Police Force.

The Commanders Active Citizen Program engages with students who are excelling and are seen as future leaders or mentors. The program shows these students what a positive influence they can have on others as well as showing them what community activities they may volunteer in. The program’s aim is to make them an active citizen in the community, to make a difference and have a voice.

A community that is engaged with Police will better understand what the force does and why.