Collectible classics open for summer at Shannons Sydney Late Spring Auction

1958 Jaguar XK150 Roadster gaycarboys

1989 Porsche 911 Wide Body SpeedsterAustralian-delivered 1954 Austin-Healey 1004 BN1 roadster gaycarboys

• Rare wide-body Porsche 911 Speedster

• Exceptional restored Austin-Healey and MGB roadsters

• 16 rare British, American and Italian Classic motorcycles – many with ‘no reserve’

Collectible Classic roadsters and convertibles from Britain and Europe are dropping their tops for summer at Shannons Sydney Late Spring Auction on Monday November 17.

Top billing for the most desirable vehicle is shared by a 1989 Porsche 911 ‘Wide Body’ Speedster, a 1958 Jaguar XK150 Roadster and a 1954 Austin-Healey 100/4 BN1 Roadster.

The spectacular ‘black on black’ Speedster with its cut down, frameless windscreen, minimalist roof and twin aerodynamic body blisters behind the seats, is one of just 2,103 wide-body examples built by Porsche for the world market.

This rarity, combined with the raw driving experience afforded by its ‘less is more’ configuration, has kept Speedster values high and they remain one of the most collectible Porsche models of the 1980s.

The example being auctioned ticks all the boxes. It is Hamilton’s of Melbourne-delivered, rare as one of 139 right-hand drive examples and six wide-bodied cars sold in Australia and is believed to have had just four owners from new – the most recent in Sydney for the past eight years – and comes with a documented history.

It has been serviced regularly, but could do with a little cosmetic TLC making its expected selling price of $90,000-$105,000 conservative by current rising market values.

Similarly appealing from Britain is a 1958 Jaguar XK150 Roadster that has covered limited miles since its ground-up restoration in the 1980s. This very desirable Classic Jaguar is expected to be pursued by local and overseas buyers alike at its anticipated selling range of $105,000-$120,000.

Also very attractive to British sports car enthusiasts is a stunning, Australian-delivered 1954 Austin-Healey 100/4 BN1 roadster that was fully restored by marque specialists in the early 1990s, who also updated it mechanically with a four-speed BN2 gearbox, while its engine was uprated with a ‘Le Mans kit’ during its exhaustive rebuild.

The car’s last two owners – both enthusiasts well known in the Healey Club – continued to maintain and improve the car and it presents beautifully, with strong paint, while the trim and upholstery show just the right amount of patina, making it exceptionally good buying at its expected selling range of $52,000-$58,000.

Other appealing open sporting cars to go under the hammer include a 1999 TVR Chimera 4L V8 Convertible ($32,000-$38,000), a 1949 MGTC Roadster ($32,000-$38,000), a 1972 Jensen Healey Roadster ($14,000-$18,000) and a 1972 MGB MkII Roadster.

The MGB is an exceptional vehicle that was comprehensively restored in Sydney during 2003-2004 at a documented cost of around $50,000 and presents accordingly, with little use since.

Shannons believe it to be one of the finest MGBs on the market today and are quoting a conservative guiding range of $16,000-$20,000.

The Sydney November 17 Auction also features a great selection of motorcycles from private collections including MV Agusta, Benelli-Motobi, Moto Guzzi, Gilera, Matchless, Harley-Davidson, Bianchi, Ariel, AJS, Moto Morini, Velocette, Indian and Lambretta – eight with ‘no reserve’.

All up, 74 lots are on offer, including 26 cars, 16 motorcycles, 32 memorabilia lots, plus a selection of New South Wales numerical number plates highlighted by ‘165’, ‘220’, ‘229’, ‘241’ and ‘255’.

Thirty-three of the lots are being offered with ‘no reserve’, making the auction a potential treasure trove for classic bargain hunters.

For more information on all lots, visit
For more auction information contact: Stuart Roberts (02) 8019 4179, or Ian Clayton (02) 8019 4180
For media information and publication-quality photos, please contact:  Michael Browning 0418 324 328

Mini 5 Door: Absolutely PUURRRFECT


Yes Yes Yes oh YES: looks, heritage, superb drive, build quality

Oh dear me no: expensive, long list of options

MINI Cooper S 2015 gaycarboys (31)

I must declare that I am a Mini tragic!

Impossibly cute, unbearably perky and deceivingly quick, Mini 5 door plugs a gap in the Cooper range.

Before driving, we gave the metalwork a thorough once over. The Cooper is cute, very cute. It is evocative of days gone by, yet staying true to Sir Alec Issigonis’ original brief. It is British, as British spotted dick, lager, and games of soccer. The royals have owned and driven Minis, and you can’t get much more British than that. I can hear “Land of Hope and Glory” playing as we speak.


Mini Cooper (not the Drag Queen) below:

MINI Cooper 2015 gaycarboys (19)MINI Cooper 2015 gaycarboys (11)MINI Cooper 2015 gaycarboys (10)

There is a wheel in each corner and a perky little engine up front, and there even a diesel to make the range more economical. The stop/start is a cunning plan to make the BMW group lower carbon emitting across all brands. Thankfully, you can turn that devil’s work off, even if you have to do it every time you turn the key.

Outside, the new mini looks like both previous generations. Why? That’s easy: it is the shape of a Mini. A car of another shape but the same size would never ever be a Mini. It would wipe away nearly 50 years of reputation and misty-eyed reminiscences in a single swish.

There isn’t a world of difference over the previous generation and from the front pillars forward, the 5 door and 3 door are the same. From there on you get 72mm extra leg room, 15 mm extra headroom and 61mm in elbow room. It doesn’t sound much but you would undoubtedly notice it if you didn’t have it. The cargo hold also has 67 litres of extra space, so no longer will your David Jones bags get crumpled in transit.

There are a few new colours but the electric blue Cooper S is still my pick and a saw a tasty little green Paceman for good measure.

After a bacon and egg brekky we headed for them-there hills. Once in the hills, the Cooper S came to life. In sport mode, the engine/chassis combo was a delight thanks to a platform shared with the BMW 2 Series Tourer. The paddle shifts were fast whether up or down and the steering was scalpel-sharp. She changed MINI Cooper 2015 gaycarboys (18)direction like a kitten on carpet with only the occasional chirp of a tyre in protest. The experience felt much faster than the 6.9 0-100 might have led you to believe. No matter how tight the bend, the Mini felt like it wanted to give more. That isn’t something you can find in a lot of cars, especially those with 5 doors. There is some fancy tech going on under the bonnet to make sure you look a much better driver than you actually are. Sadly, much of it was an optional extra.

I’ve no doubt the 6.0 L/100k (manual trans) would require a more delicate touch to achieve, but most of us would rather enjoy the full driving experience by keeping the auto in Sports Mode. She just loves being thrown about and even the roughest of roads elicit not so much as an unwelcome wiggle. With three on board, there were a couple of loud thumps around town but that’s to be expected. With only two big blokes aboard, the Cooper was more like big cat than a kitten. It devoured the tight corners far more capably than a little city car had any right to.

Cooper D below

MINI Cooper D 2015 gaycarboys (4)MINI Cooper D 2015 gaycarboys (5)MINI Cooper D 2015 gaycarboys (7)

Using the paddles put the Mini into Goldilocks mode. It is always in the right gear and the sharp shifts do a much better job than most humans with a clutch. In fact the 0-100 figures are 0.1 of a second faster in auto. Just imagine how much time that is if you own the Cooper for a hundred years!

141kw doesn’t sound like much these days but it gets you to 100 in 6.8 secs, uses 5.5 l/100k (auto trans) and emits only 129gms of CO2. Presumably that is only if you aren’t trying to get to 100kph in 6.8 seconds each and every time you see a green light. In auto mode the 6 speed auto will change up quickly so you are always in as high a gear as the situation allows so the engine is revving lower. Lower revs means lower fuel consumption and when you stop, the motor switches off. In this case the auto and manual are as good each other, and as easy to use.

I’m pleased to report the Cooper S passes our comprehensive “2 bags test” with much aplomb. A couple could easily indulge in a naughty weekend away. However, you could have a less naughty weekend by shoving a couple chaps in the back seat and packing fewer changes of clothes, not an easy thing for gay boys to do I know.

Mini has done a lot to give the cabin some razzle dazzle, but again, much that dazzle was optional. The fancy door lighting? Optional. The heads up display ($700), the 6 speed auto ($2,650), the driver assistance package ($1,350), dynamic damper control ($700), and the reversing camera ($470) were all optional. The total for the extras was an eye-watering $10, 420. With on-roads, the $38,050 Cooper S quickly breaks the 50k sound barrier and powers on past $53,000. For that many shekels you can have a Golf GTi, Holden Calais or the top of the line Volvo V40. Although the Mini is far prettier than the Golf, no one can deny the Golf is still the reigning Hot Hatch queen.

Cooper S below:

MINI Cooper S 2015 gaycarboys (39)MINI Cooper S 2015 gaycarboys (40)

MINI Cooper S 2015 gaycarboys (2)MINI Cooper S 2015 gaycarboys (4)

MINI Cooper S 2015 gaycarboys (19)

MINI Cooper S 2015 gaycarboys (33)MINI Cooper S 2015 gaycarboys (34)MINI Cooper S 2015 gaycarboys (36)

MINI Cooper S 2015 gaycarboys (37)MINI Cooper S 2015 gaycarboys (38)

The infotainment system was another surprise. It has brilliant sound, but Bluetooth streaming, standard on a humble $16,000 Hyundai, is optional on most Mini models. That is a bit grim. We couldn’t get the streaming to work in the Cooper S and couldn’t work out if it was fitted or not. System input is via the “mouse” located between the front seats, and it allows you to navigate the menu tree. The menu is complex so isn’t the kind of thing you would want to tackle without stopping first.

The safety gear on-board is impressive. Apart from the standard equipment including 6 airabgs, Mini has a pop-up bonnet. Should you be unfortunate enough to scoop up an unsuspecting pedestrian, the Mini fires some pyrotechnic charges to instantly raise the bonnet making contact with the engine block less likely. A dented bonnet if preferable to a dented head.

Some of the optional extras are: Auto high beam, active Cruise Control, collision warnings including a braking function, Head up display, automated parking, parking sensors, active LED headlights, and a reversing camera. I would expect a reversing camera and parking sensors all round at this price point. Most of us would want this level of standard equipment so perhaps it will be so at some time in the future. There are 3 delicious engines to choose from including a diesel. The Mini Cooper (no, not the drag queen) has a 1.5L 3 cylinder Petrol twin turbo, the Cooper D has a 1.5L twin turbo diesel 3 cylinder and the Cooper S has a 2.0L twin turbo petrol.

Spike, the Mini Mascot as a Mini USB stick

Spike the Bitish Bulldog USB

I expected the 3 cylinders to disappoint as most do, but not a bit of it. There is no difference in power and torque, but you can hear a definite tri-pot note under heavy acceleration. It is not unpleasant but I sense the market will take a little while to adjust. The turbo lag is almost non-existent. Can I get a big “Hallelujah” up in here.

The Mini 5 Door gets top marks. Take it by the scruff of the neck and you’re rewarded with boundless energy and fun, even in the base model. However, since I make your nan look fast, I’m happy with dawdling around country lanes breathing in the scenery, whatever form that takes. Mini Cooper is a sports car, and that’s that.

Would I buy one? What a stupid question, for I am a Mini Tragic.

Mini Cooper (Not the drag queen): $27,750, 6sp man, 3cyl, 100kw/220Nm, 4.9 L/100k, 8.2-100kph

Cooper D: $32,900, 6sp man, 3cyl diesel, 85kw/270Nm, 3.8 L/100K, 9.4 -100kph

Cooper S: $38,050, 6sp man, 4cyl, 141kw/280Nm, 6.0 L/100K, 6.9 – 100kph

*All engines twin turbo


First 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO Delivered in the US

Long awaited 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO at home in N.C.

View: clip_image001

WINSTON-SALEM, North Carolina (29 October 2014) – It was a momentous day for Winston-Salem, North Carolina, resident Matt McCulloh, and a historic day for Nissan. McCulloh took delivery of the first 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO made for the U.S. market.

“It is just exciting, because you see how happy he is,” said Sherry McCulloh, Matt’s mother. “And whatever it is in life that makes you happy, you just well up in tears thinking that he has worked so hard for this day. And, although it is just a car, to him it is something he has been very passionate about. And it is just a great day – just a fun day.”

This legendary car made its debut in 2013 with concurrent introductions at both the Tokyo and Los Angeles auto shows. With 600-horsepower, it is the most powerful Nissan GT-R ever. This 2015 model year version is sold out in the U.S. market.

“It was like a surreal moment for me. I saw it, and it just took a second to register that this was finally my car. And that I was going to have the privilege to own the very first GT-R NISMO for the United States and be a part of the great 30-year history of the NISMO brand,” said Matt McCulloh, GT-R NISMO owner.

McCulloh knows this history well. He co-founded NAGTROC, the North American GT-R Owners Club in 2006, and he enjoys connections to many in this enthusiast community.

“The GT-R NISMO has more than fulfilled my wildest expectations. Just looking at this car – it to me is the quintessential version of the GT-R that I have always longed for,” said McCulloh. “It is an honour to have been along with the ride the entire way from having an ’09, a ’12. Having that history with the GT-R is going to allow me to have a deeper appreciation of this car. I can see where it started to where it is now.”

Nissan realised this historic first car had a unique owner. The company made certain to show their appreciation for McCulloh on delivery day.

“When we realised his passion for the car, his involvement with the GT-R community, and his involvement with the brand, we wanted to do something a little extra special. First we wanted to be here, to shake his hand, see the smile on his face and just take pride in that moment with him,” said Jeff Simmons, Nissan Marketing. “Additionally we have a little something special for him. We have a crew at his house and they are giving his garage a makeover. That is going to be the home of his new NISMO, so we are giving it a little NISMO touch.”

The Nissan GT-R is assembled at Nissan’s Tochigi plant, located about 60 miles north of Tokyo; its potent engine is carefully hand-assembled by a single craftsman at NISMO’s Yokohama engine factory. A limited number of GT-R NISMOs are made each year. The amount of those that reach U.S. shores is even more limited.

This car, the first delivered in the U.S. and the one that McCulloh has been waiting for, now is at home in North Carolina. He says his new baby will see some time on the road … and plenty of time on the track.

“This car to me is like a brute-force tool. To me it is so purpose-built that I am going to do a lot of track,” said McCulloh. “I’m going to really use this car as far as track, autocross, a little drag-strip – so, you know, track and getting to spend some time in this great garage that I have here now.”

Dodge Journey: Who’s a big Boy then?

2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (2)

2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (4)

2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (13)2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (14)

2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (15)2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (16)

2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (17)

2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (1)2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (3)

Yes Yes Yes oh YES: smooth Pentastar V6, rear seat DVD player, spacious, great value

Oh dear me no: moody 6 speed auto, lots of plastic inside, no driver’s footrest, not terrible economical

Is the Journey a cross-over or SUV, a 4WD or people mover, or more simply, a mum’s taxi? It drives the front wheels only, so it isn’t a four wheel drive and it doesn’t have a whole lot of ground clearance so it isn’t really a cross-over. As near as I can tell it just a very roomy station wagon. However, I like its chunky style and the “get out of my way” stance on the road. From the outside, the Sherman-tank has and air of command and looks as roomy as it feels inside.

First a brief history: After being founded in 1925 and trading with varied success for many decades, the Chrysler became bloated and old fashioned, like all American car makers. They found Americans preferred any cars other than those made in America. Things started going very badly pear-shaped and the good ship Chrysler, one of the Yankee big 3, sailed into uncharted and uncertain waters. In order to stem the flow of their financial haemorrhage, they “merged” with Daimler Benz AG in the late 90’s to form Daimler Chrysler AG. Poor Karl would be most upset. Time was called on this marriage after a brief 9 years. Chrysler was a single girl once again and this lasted for a few years before Fiat, the handsome Italian, came calling. They dated for a short while before announcing their engagement with the marriage being completed only weeks ago. She kept her maiden name as a thoroughly modern girl does and joined it with the handsome Italian to become Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, but their friends call them FCA, sort-of like Brangalina. I imagine this marriage will be long lasting because Italians go all “dolce-vita” when things get a bit eggy.

So, there you have it. The upshot is, that Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge voraciously hoovered up the technology-obsessed German minds that made Mercedes Benz a force to be reckoned with. The Fiat marriage makes FCA the 7th largest carmaker in the world and adds the economies of scale that massive cross platform development brings. There are the concomitant benefits in many extra models for little or no cost, and the vast distribution network which grew overnight when joined together. It’s a win/win no matter which way you look at it.

Jeep, particularly the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, have been sprinkled with bit of Mercedes Benz magic. The same goes for Chrysler. Dodge however doesn’t seem to have had the same care lavished upon it. While it looks OK for such a large multi-use wagon, the interior feels a trifle downmarket compared to the Jeeps. Then I saw the price, $36,575 to $40,877 drive-away, and it all came into focus. That’s cheap for a huge chunk of well-appointed metal like this.

2014 dodge journey  interior gaycarboys  (6)2014 dodge journey dashboard gaycarboys  (7)

The interior looked like good value when you see a power-adjusted drivers’ seat, smart entry/start, U-connect infotainment system and a bunch of safety stuff once only found in cars costing 10 times as much. To top it all off you the cabin has lots and lots of cow to make it feel a little more sumptuous, however that doesn’t make the plastic components seem any better. If you feel so inclined you can opt for the full length sun roof and a 3rd row of seats for the in-laws. You can decide later whether or not you tell them the seats are actually there as they fold neatly away. I don’t imagine most of us would want our hunny next to us and the parents and in-laws taking up the rest of the cabin. A 10 minute trip would feel as if it took a lifetime to complete.

2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (12)Around town, the Journey was easy to manoeuvre especially considering her voluptuous figure. You sit nice and high with oodles of adjustment at the touch of a button. The passenger misses out on the electric seat adjustment because where those motors would normally live, there is a huge under-seat storage bin instead. You can easily throw couple of six-packs in by lifting the seat squab. As if that wasn’t enough, the 2nd row of seats have an under-floor bin on either side. Dodge says each is large enough to store 2 six-packs with ice. You could keep six 6-packs on board for long trips which is2014 dodge journey rear entertainment and air con controls gaycarboys  (8) genius. You’d have enough cold water and coke for several days travel but you would be stopping every half an hour for loo breaks. Perhaps one bin could be used for tasty snacks instead.

In the city you tend to notice the 6 speed auto is a trifle moody. It is very moth most of the time but thumps into gears when she is having one of her hissy fits. She is frequently caught in the wrong gear, and when you put your hoof down, she slams into the right gear. On the highway no such problem exists. Because she is so spacious, you could take your man, plus a couple of chums, and enough luggage to fill a jumbo jet. The blokes in the back could watch a DVD without troubling anyone else. The entertainment system drops down from the roof with the sound coming through wireless headsets. Although the driver’s view through the rear-view mirror is obscured by the screen for the duration, it’s worth it to keep the whining from the back seats to a minimum.

2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (9)2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (10)


If you have the optional 3rd row of seats, you can access those by moving the second row of seats forward like you do the front seats in a coupe. It’s really quite clever. They are handy but are normally not for adults on long trips, unless the adults are of a compact stature.

2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (11)

The excellent U-connect infotainment system allows you to pair your phone in a smidge under 10 seconds with no need for a pin if you confirm the connection on both the system and the phone. The big friendly 2014 dodge journey gaycarboys  (18)screen has an easy to use layout. I like things fast and simple with as few menus as possible. The sound from it is impressive considering the price. I didn’t fiddle with the rear DVD system as I doubt in my hands it would never get used. If it doesn’t fire up first go I tend to lose interest.


The fuel economy is not overly brilliant around town, but it is quiet and very well equipped.

My only real beef is absence of a footrest for the driver. Because you sit so high, you find yourself moving your foot close to the seat so you don’t unceremoniously slide forward. You get used to it but it seems such a silly omission.

Corners are comfy at speed as long as they don’t get to busy. There is a lot of bulk and it feels bulkier the tighter the corners get. She never feels like she is going to let go, at least not under normal circumstances, and the electronic nannies take care of misdemeanours that occur if you are caught out.

The aging Ford Territory and Toyota’s new Kluger are among the other 2 wheel drive offerings around the same price range. The Journey seems better equipped for the price.

Would I buy one? No, I’d prefer a Jeep even if it costs a few shekels more and hasn’t quite the same space.

Power/torque: 206kw/342Nm

Engine/Trans: 3.6L V6 Pentastar/6 speed auto

Price: SXT $$36,757, R/T $40,877

The new MINI: a present-day original and "Classic of the Future"


MINI Range gaycarboys


*Note: This press release is a 1:1 copy of the original issued by BMW Group in Germany. No adaptations have been made to cater for the Australian market and may not be representative of local models or specification.*

Successful showing in the readers’ vote by automobile magazine “Auto Bild Klassik”: the latest generation of the British premium small car wins the 2014 “Golden Classic Steering Wheel”.

Munich. The new MINI offers instant appeal, but it is also excellently equipped to provide long-term fascination, too. As far as readers of the automobile magazine “Auto Bild Klassik” are concerned, the latest generation of the premium small car already has what it takes to become a lasting classic. They voted the new MINI “Classic of the Future” in the category of small and compact cars. This has led to the new edition of the British original now being awarded the “Golden Classic Steering Wheel”.

Very few cars can be said to have the kind of properties which set them clearly apart from their current competitive environment while also demonstrating classic potential at an early stage. The new MINI has it all: a unique brand tradition, its current status as the original in the small car premium segment and also pioneering technology. Even 55 years after the launch of the classic Mini, the brand’s hallmark principle of the intelligent use of space and its agile handling properties known as the go-kart feeling have lost nothing of their attraction. Authentic design, unique style and characteristic driving fun are timeless quality features which give the new MINI lasting appeal, too.

This is now the fifth year in which the “Golden Classic Steering Wheel” has been awarded. The prize is based on the results of a vote in which readers of “Auto Bild Klassik” were asked to name their favourites in a number of categories, including “Classics of the Year”, “Find of the Year”, “Restoration of the Year” and “Classic of the Future”. So the prizewinners not only include highly coveted milestones of automobile history, spectacular rarities and exotic specimens painstakingly saved from disrepair but also current models whose particular appeal for later generations of motorists is already obvious here and now.

The “Golden Classic Steering Wheel” is the second award of its kind the new MINI has received in the space of just a few months, having already won the “Motor Klassik” readers’ vote last spring. Here the new MINI came first in the small car rating and was likewise voted “Classic of the Future”.

Subaru EyeSight rates top in Japan


XV Hybrid subaru eyesight gaycarboys (2)



Three Subaru models equipped with the EyeSight™ driver assist system have been awarded top ratings in a new type of assessment by the Japan New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP).

The Advanced Safety Vehicle-Plus (ASV+) rating was awarded to Japanese domestic specification versions of the Subaru Forester, XV Hybrid and Levorg wagon.

The preventive safety performance assessment is a new measure prompted by the introduction of vehicles equipped with preventive safety technology, to help prevent accidents – such as automatic brakes and Subaru’s EyeSight system. 

The assessment involves testing two parameters: the Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEBS) and the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), both of which form elements of EyeSight.

XV Hybrid subaru eyesight gaycarboys (1)

The AEBS test has the car approaching a target (simulated vehicle) between 10-60 km/h, examining how well the preventive safety brakes function. There are two types of tests: one with the target stationary, the other with the target travelling at 20 km/h. Points are awarded for avoiding collision or, if one does occur, the reduction in speed achieved beforehand.

The LDWS test has the car travel at 60 or 70 km/h, examining whether the system emits a warning when the car strays across white lines on the road. The lower the speed at which the warning is emitted, the more points are awarded.

The maximum rating is 40, with points awarded for effectiveness in reducing accidents resulting in death or serious injury, based on the types of accidents occurring in Japan. Any vehicle earning two points or more is designated as an Advanced Safety Vehicle (ASV), and a vehicle earning 12 points or more is designated as an Advanced Safety Vehicle-Plus (ASV+).

Levorg was awarded 40 points, Forester 39.9 and XV Hybrid 39.3, meaning all three won ASV+ designations with distinction.

In Australia, some variants of Forester, Liberty and Outback are equipped with EyeSight, calibrated for local conditions.

For details of the Japanese assessment results, see the NASVA website:

Hyundai’s superior new model, the Genesis, offers superior safety


Hyundai Genesis 2014 gaycarboys (5)

Hyundai Genesis 2014 gaycarboys (1)Hyundai Genesis 2014 gaycarboys (2)

Hyundai Genesis 2014 gaycarboys (3)Hyundai Genesis 2014 gaycarboys (4)

Hyundai Genesis 2014 gaycarboys (6)Hyundai Genesis 2014 gaycarboys (7)Hyundai Genesis 2014 gaycarboys (8)

Hyundai’s superior new model, the Genesis, offers superior safety

Hyundai’s new Genesis luxury sedan enters the Australasian market with a superior level of occupant and pedestrian protection, easily achieving the maximum 5 star ANCAP safety rating.

A brand new entrant to the Large Car category, the Genesis achieved high scores across all areas of assessment.

“The Genesis is Hyundai’s flagship model and as such offers a high level of physical crashworthiness and excellent safety features as standard,” said ANCAP Chairman, Mr Lauchlan McIntosh.

“This is one of the first times we have seen the word ‘Standard’ listed against almost every safety feature on our checklist. Importantly, autonomous emergency braking is one of these standard features – one that
has recently been left off many new models hitting our shores.”

The following safety assist technologies (SAT) are standard on all Genesis variants available in Australia and New Zealand:

• Active lift (pop-up) bonnet
• Adaptive cruise control (ACC)
• Adaptive front lighting systems
• Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)
• Daytime running lights (DRL)
• Emergency stop signal (ESS)
• Lane support system (LSS)
• Pre-safe systems
• Reversing collision avoidance
• Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

“Historically, consumers have been encouraged to seek out features like ABS and ESC but with manufacturers now developing and rolling out SATs at a rapid pace, consumers will soon be just as familiar with, and demand, these important life-saving technologies.”

“Active safety systems are the future of vehicle safety. ANCAP is encouraging consumers to learn more about the benefits of these safety systems and ask for them when they buy their next car,” said Mr McIntosh.

ANCAP is supported by all Australian and New Zealand motoring clubs, the Australian Government, the New Zealand Government, Australian state and territory governments, the Victorian Transport Accident
Commission, NRMA Insurance and the FIA Foundation.

To search individual crash test results for more than 500 vehicles, learn more about safety technologies, explore interactive features, watch videos and to download images and media releases visit