Top Tip 5: should I trust car salesmen, gay or not?

I was asked this today.As I tweeted, I was told once by a man selling Peugeots, that only full sized spares are safe, and that steeringwheel buttons for radio etc will set off air bags. I hasten to add he now sells cars with runflat tyres and steeringwheel buttons. I guess he doesn’t mind selling cars he says are unsafe. Or, is it more likely he was saying the first thing that came into his head?

As in all things, if it doesn’t sound right it probably isn’t. There are lots of sales people with high levels of ethics. But can you really ever totally trust someone who is paid solely on what they can sell you. Remember, they get paid for sales, not test drives! The more you pay, the more they earn.

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2 thoughts on “Top Tip 5: should I trust car salesmen, gay or not?

  1. This post is entirely too short! When I bought my second new car, I thought (I hoped) I had experience under my belt. But STILL I managed to spend more and on things I didnt need. I just don’t have the skills to go head to head with a car salesman.

    Enlighten us, wise one. How can novise car buyers not get taken?


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