Top Tip 4: I don’t know what car I want. How do I choose?

Some have no idea what car they want. They may or may not have a brand. For god’s sake get a grip! There are lots of things to consider.

Try buying by price. Go into a car sales website and list your price and see what comes up.

Try a brand. Do you fancy a bit a badge thing going on? If you’re piss elegant you’ll feel the need to buy the badge. It’s not a bad idea because badges carry a certain reputation.

Try google! It seems obvious doesn’t it? Browse the cars in your own home without being hassled by going into a dealership.

Look for a deal. The internet is your best friend. Stats show that a huge 90% of people research vehicles and real estate before ever stepping foot out the front door. Beaut! Saves your shoe leather doesn’t it?

Try a broker. They aren’t cheap but it you genuinely can’t get a handle on your needs, the broker just might.

The final word is Research. Do it at length and as I’m always saying, don’t buy the first car you see. Salesmen get miffed at your indecision. If they get the shits, let them. You’re the client so don’t let anyone push you into something you don’t want. If you find a salesman you trust, use him as part of your info gathering. Get him to give you information. Make sure he gives you a very long test drives. Once again, don’t jump until you’re satisfied that it’s just right. It is isn’t just right, give yourself a few days, the deal will still be there. And the same thing goes for second-hand cars.


Til next time campers, keep your chins up!

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