Convertibles: Can you live with the roof down when it gets cold?

We’ve take 3 convertibles out for a bit of a spin. The question we’re trying to answer is, Can you live with the roof down on cold weather, and Can you have the roof down on a road trip.

Unless you’re driving one of those big old American cars, space is going to be a concern. SAAB lead the way for affordable convertibles in a country where only hideously expensive cars could remove the roof.

We’re setting off on a roadtrip tomorrow in the Lexus IS250C tomorrow. We’ll cover at least 2,000 K’s. Classy as it is, it doesn’t have the engaging road feel of the VW Eos, or the comfy Air Scarf of the Peugeot 308CC, both of which cost 35 grand less.

We’ll be tweeting throughout so follwing our journey up the coast of New South Wales into Queensland. There’ll be stops at Coffs Harbour, The Gold Coast, Ballina, Brisbane and we’ll try and fit Noosa Heads in. The main object of the drive is for a romantic week in Byron Bay which where we’ll spend the bulk of our 10 day trip. As Big Kev used to say, “I’m excited”.


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