SAAB in trouble again: finance deal has fallen through. UPDATE finance now OK

SAAB 9-5 2011

The NEW 9-5 is safe. We test this car in a few weeks time! WooHoo!

All is not well over at SAAB’s H/O in Sweden. The finance deal which saw support for continuing development of new models has gone wrong. The Chinese investor seems to have gotten cold feel. It is very sad as SAAB was in deep strife after its sale by US giant GM.

Its not known why SAAB got into such deep trouble, but one thought is that GM starved SAAB of funds during its ownership. GM had its own woes at the time so no wonder poor old SAAB got the bums rush.

A leader in innovation for many years, SAAB seemed to flounder after being bought by GM as one of its prestige divisions. Some would argue that GM was such a badly run company that it was little wonder the wholly owned subsidiaries suffered too. I’m not sure the Ford or GM did the car world any favours by buying everything they could get their hands on, then running the purchases into the ground.

Never mind, cross your fingers, and everything else, and hope for the best. It would be sad to see GM’s stratospheric mismanagement be the cause of a niche the demise of a maker much loved by most folk. You don’t have to own a SAAB to love a SAAB!



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