Does taking your top off make you sexy? Living with convertibles. Peugeot 308cc, VW Eos, Lexus IS250c (part 3Lexus IS250c)

2009 Lexus IS 250C Sports Luxury2009 Lexus IS 250C Sports Luxury2009 Lexus IS 250C Sports Luxury2009 Lexus IS 250C Sports Luxury2009 Lexus IS 250C Sports Luxury2009 Lexus IS 250C Prestige2009 Lexus IS 250C 2.5L V6 engine2009 Lexus IS 250C Sports Luxury interior2009 Lexus IS 250C Sports Luxury steering wheel2009 Lexus IS 250C rear boot with luggage barrier


We’ve done this one recently but here are a few finer points.


2009 Lexus IS 250C Sports Luxury2009 Lexus IS 250C Sports Luxury

The Lexus is by far the most expensive of the 3. You’ll need to shell out and extra $35,000 if you want to have one in your garage. It’s a scrumptious car and no detail is overlooked and it looks and feels expensive.

It the one sold in Australia has a failing, it is the engine which is touch too small for a car this heavy. It’s the same story with the sedan. But put the 2.5 V6 in it and it sparkles. They sell them in the 3.5 in other markets so why the one OZ gets has a 2.5 is beyond me.

That’s not to say that Lexus doesn’t lift its skirts when you give her a bit of wellie, but she does it all without fuss. You don’t get forced uncomfortably backwards with your face doing Sharpie impressions.

You can’t fault the build and everything is electric including the steering wheel reach and rake. I’m as lazy as the next person but I’m sure I can manage with e knob. I’ve had plenty of practice god knows! In my dreams, when I’m sitting quietly not thinking of anything in particular, I envision an IS-Fc. Yes ladies and gentlemen, and IS convertible with the gobsmackingly-superb, honking great 5 litre V8. We had an IS-F a few weeks ago and it sure does move, but it drinks like a drag queen!

.2009 Lexus IS 250C one-touch entry2009 Lexus IS 250C roof mechanicals2009 Lexus IS 250C Sports Luxury rear seats

In a perfect world there would we would want lots of CO2, and fossil fuels cleaned the air and flowers grew  even prettier. However, the trend seems to be smaller engines with turbos, and sometimes 2 turbos. The more fuel efficient the better. Perhaps just a tiny turbo on the 2.5 V6 and everything would be tickety-boo.

There have been few cars to drive as nicely as the IS250c in the price range and of course there is Lexus care to think of. They make wonderful cups of coffee. They give you a car should yours need a tuneup. If you can’t get it to a Lexus dealer because you’re too busy watching your fortunes multiply, Lexus will come and collect your car and bring it back when they are done. It’s all part of the package of ownership and feels like being wrapped in cotton wool while being bathed gently in lukewarm asps milk. There just isn’t a better feeling.

I’ve often talked about a car that makes you feel special and the Lexus makes you feel very special. Every time I jumped and and caressed the magic button, I smiled as the faint cluncks and whirs entertained me while the roof went down on me.

The full review has more detail so I won’t bore you rigid by repeating myself.

The Lexus IS250c is a very refined and luxurious convertible and we liked it very much.

We’ll do the roundup tomorrow in the last part. So are you convinced yet? Do you fancy buying yourself a shiny new 4 seater convertible? You’d look marvy in it!


8 thoughts on “Does taking your top off make you sexy? Living with convertibles. Peugeot 308cc, VW Eos, Lexus IS250c (part 3Lexus IS250c)

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  2. Thanks for your help. I listened to your advice (especially the getting noticed part!) and went today to purchase the car. So it’s a 2011 IS350AWD, but the only color I could get was Matador Red with a black interior. (Would have preferred dark blue or dark grey.) The F-Sport was CAD$20,000 more so I decided against that, but splurged for fully loaded. Lady Gaga will sound sooo much better out of the Mark Levinson sound system!


    1. I understand what you mean about the Fsport and the 20k. The Levinsen is the only one we get here (I think). I think you’ll be very happy. The red and black will work very well together. I would have liked the black myself! and of course red goes faster!


      1. So, I’m starting to feel like maybe the IS350 isn’t the right choice. I’ve been reading a lot online and the Infiniti G37x seems to rank higher than Lexus IS350. The paperwork isn’t final yet until tomorrow so I can still back out. Is it worth trying the Infiniti?

        From what I’m reading, the drive isn’t too smooth – you can feel all the bumps of the road in the Lexus.



        1. It’s hard for me to judge against the Infinite aas we don’t geet them here. I tested the IS250c for over 2,000k’s and thought it to be very smooth. Certainly the IS-f has a firm ride but the rest of the range is fairly smooth. I thought them to be ssmoother than a SIMILAR BMW for example. It’ss normal for a buyer to experience buyers remorse, but you haave to be sure you like what you buy because you’ll be in it for a while. Have you driven both cars one after the other? Thaat’s about the onnly way to tell for sure. I’ve leant from speaking to other motoring writers that we all have differennt opinions but at the end of the day the only one that really counts is the buyer!


  3. Hi, I’m a young gay man (31y.o) living in Vancouver. Looking at the Lexus IS 350 AWD. Do you think this is sexy for a young (and very single!) gay man?


    1. We don’t get the AWD IS here but I loved the IS350. I don’t know if you get the Fsport versions there, but by far it has the nicest driving feel. The engine is gorgeous. The best thing is it costs so much less in Canada too than in Australia. Lucky you. It’s a classy car and something aa bit different to a BMW 3 series. I don’t know if it will get you laid but it will get you noticed:)


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