SAAB 9-5: Hot or just burnt out?

SAAB 9 5 rearSAAB 9-5 2011

We’re nearing the end of our week with the brand spankers 9-5 SAAB. I confess to being brimming with enthusiasm with the expectation keeping me on the edge of my bath. I couldn’t stop myself from reading what a few others had to say about her. They mentioned it’s not a BMW for which they got big extra points, well done. And what of the 9-5, it’s noice, it’s different, it’s un-ewes-ual.

It’s the first new 9-5 since the Endeavour landed in Botany Bay. Poor old SAAB has been in the wars a bit of late. It was dumped by General Motors when the US government was handing out dollars like lollies. Poor GM nearly went tits-up taking its brands down with it. But not even the galactic mismanagement of the ham-fisted yanks could knock SAAB out. She may be a bit battered and bruised, but she has pulled in a few favours and hasn’t she done well? Provided the promised cars can be delivered, we should see many new models out of Trollhättan and a bright and shiny future for one of Swedens’ biggest and best exports.

It’s interesting isn’t it that SAAB was in a leaky lifeboat after being thrown off GM’s sinking ship, but world-wide good will sent rescue ships a plenty.I wonder if the public felt as strongly about GM? I rather doubt it.

As for the 9-5, isn’t she pretty? Just look at her! The love child of Boeing and Al Capone! Gorgeous!!!

The full story on our week will follow in a few days so stay glued to your LCD’s


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