Noosa Diaries: day 7 Troy’s visit

NOTE:- Last night went down the hill for dinner. There is a surf comp in tow so the place is heaving. There were waits at all the food joints. I thought a place on the beach might have been nice to take the parents for like everywhere else there was at least a half hour wait. It didn’t worry me but the InLaws and the Gen Y brother want everything NOW. We went through a small arcade onto the boardwalk and came upon the most marvellous sandcastle. It must have taken hours to construct and was lit by several spirit burners. I’ve never seen anything as wondrous. The note said “please take a photo. A donation is most welcome.” I emptied my coin purse into the container. Here’s why:


Sand Castle Noosa Main Beach (2)Sand Castle Noosa Main Beach (3)Sand Castle Noosa Main Beach (4)Sand Castle Noosa Main Beach (5)

Sand castle, Noosa Main Beach. Worth every penny.


Our mate Troy drove 2 hours to pop up and see us. We wandered down to Hastings street after going for a short spin in the 508. Troy likes a posh car and thinks the supercharged C180 he is is the bees knees. I’m not sure I agree. If I’m paying 80k I want something with better performance and/or better looks. C classes are all well and good, but cost too much and deliver too little.


Had lunch at one of the cafes on the boardwalk on the beach. You can just see the corner or their marquee right near the edge of the lawn.


 Noosa Main Beach boardwalk (17)

We had a lazy day after that with more pool, steam and spa. There is nothing wrong with that and it was great to make use of the facilities on holidays for a change, after all we’ve paid for them.


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