The Breathtaking RCZ: We revisit but is it still as good?


Here you see an archive shot of the Diesel RCZ at a lookout in the picturesque Blue Mountains. We loved every incarnation of Peugeot’s drop-dead-crawl-over-broken-glass-push-you-out-of-the-way gorgeous coupe that’s lost not a bit of it’s impact over the few years since its release.

We’ve spent a week with the 115KW automatic turbo-petrol and it’s usual practice to wait until the review to do a teaser but we just couldn’t resist. Last years winner of GayCarBoys Gay Car Of The Year has lost none of its sparkle. It still brings a smile each and every time I get into it, and people still comment saying “nice car mate”. Any time a hot guy admires your wheels is a good day.

We have a run planned from Sydney to the Nation’s capital Canberra and we can’t wait. Let’s don’t pre-empt things too much but if it’s possible RCZ gets better with every drive.

Stay tuned for the full report.


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