Subaru do, or Scooby Do?

Subaru do scooby do gaycarboys  (1)Subaru do scooby do gaycarboys  (2)


Subaru Australia has announced a bold brand platform that brings to life a new brand promise: Subaru do™.

Over the next year, ‘do’ will be incorporated into every customer touch point, from dealerships to the digital space and marketing campaigns.

Subaru’s General Manager – Marketing, Andrew Caie, said: “2016 heralds the next chapter in Subaru Australia’s brand journey.

“There is a realisation that to grow we need to attract new customers to the brand.

“That means making us more accessible, more relevant and paramount to that is the need to inject new personality into the brand.

“Subaru ‘do’ will be the translation of Subaru’s tangible but human benefits to a broader market and creates a local expression working hand-in-hand with Subaru’s global tagline, Confidence in Motion.

“Do is a very short word with a very big meaning for Subaru in Australia, and will activate a new customer experience to come with buying and owning a Subaru. ‘Do’ is a thought that  originates from what owners already see in Subaru’s fabric, a brand that is famous for getting more done, and having more fun.” Mr Caie added.

“Do is the ultimate verb and indicates a renewed focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience made possible by removing obstacles for customers choosing, buying and owning a Subaru.

“We will rollout  ‘do’ at every touch point, model-by-model over the coming months starting with the new Subaru Forester later in March and drawing on an iconic ‘do, do do, do do, do do do…’ sound signature, the refrain from Lou Reed’s ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ in multi-platform digital and television campaigns.”

“Do” aligns closely to bring to life Subaru’s global “Confidence in Motion” direction that is also being incorporated into the brand’s communications locally.  

The “do” direction replaces the successful All 4 the Driver initiative introduced six years ago.

The new direction will emerge next Sunday (March 20) with a new television commercial featuring the latest Subaru Forester

Molly Momentum Builds At Subaru

Subaru Australia’s return to domestic rallying is picking up pace with the announcement of the team name.

The multi-championship winning brand has announced its newly formed team will be called Subaru do™ Motorsport, in line with Subaru’s new brand direction announced this week.

And in a sneak peak of what the Subaru “blue army” of rally fans can expect, a mock-up of the team’s All-Wheel Drive WRX STI has been unveiled, showing the ongoing links to the classic World Rally (WR) Blue colour scheme – but drawing on a modern inspirations reflecting the active lifestyle of Subaru’s customer base.

Subaru Australia Managing Director, Nick Senior, said: “We’ve been amazed by the fantastic reaction since we announced our rallying return, so it’s great to be able to share the design direction with the fans.”

Mr Senior also revealed that Subaru’s rally driver, Molly Taylor, will pair with one of Australia’s most experienced navigators, Bill Hayes, on the 2016 Australian Rally Championship campaign.

Hayes has previous history with Subaru, having paired with Dean Herridge before Subaru Rally Team Australia disbanded in November 2005.

Next up for the team is testing of the WRX STI following an intense build program at Les Walkden Rallying in Tasmania.

With the season-opening Quit Forest Rally scheduled for April 22-24 in Western Australia, Taylor is keen to get some serious kilometres in the car.

One advantage is Hayes’ resident status in WA. His experience on the uniquely challenging surfaces south of Busselton will be invaluable on Taylor’s debut Subaru event.

She said: “The momentum’s building quickly and it’s been so exciting to see the positive response to Subaru’s rally return. From children on social media to motorsport fans, the vibe is just fantastic.”


Round 1 – Quit Forest Rally WA, April 22-24

Round 2 – National Capital Rally, ACT, May 27-29

Round 3 – International Rally of QLD, June 17-19

Round 4 – Rally SA, September 9-11

Round 5 – Rally Australia, Coffs Harbour, NSW, November 18-20


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