Honda Develops World First – The Assembly Revolution “Cell Production“ Line

Honda's new production assembly line in Thailand gaycarboys

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is redefining modern automotive mass-production techniques.

It has introduced the world’s first mass-produced automobile assembly line with a main line that incorporates a flowing “cell production” system. This system allows a production worker to take charge of a broader range of production processes and install multiple parts as a vehicle moves down the line.

Honda has named this newly developed assembly line the Assembly Revolution Cell (ARC) line and has introduced to Honda Automobile’s Thailand one-month old Prachinburi Plant in Thailand. 

The ARC line is the world’s first innovative and unique assembly line that is different from a conventional line production system and was developed by incorporating flowing “cell production” style production units in the main line.

On a conventional production line, each production worker takes charge of a single process and installs parts to vehicle bodies flowing on a conveyor. In comparison, during “cell production” a single production worker takes charge of a broader range of production processes and installs multiple parts.

The new ARC line allows the production workers to get on board the ARC unit and assemble one vehicle body with a complete set of parts while moving along the production line together with the vehicle.

Honda Australia Director, Mr. Stephen Collins, recently visited the Prachinburi Plant in Thailand to observe this pioneering technology first-hand.

“The ARC assembly line perfectly demonstrates the cutting edge thinking of Honda’s engineering and manufacturing.  Australia is the primary export market for the newly opened plant and the first model will be the bold new Civic, due to hit showrooms in June this year,” Mr Collins said.

Mr. Collins said Honda had already received more than 5,000 enquiries on the all-new Civic from prospective customers.

“The level of interest in the all-new Civic has been staggering.” Mr Collins said. “We are excited to announce that the stylish and dynamic new model will be delivered to our customers using leading automobile technology.”

Honda will continue its efforts to increase the efficiency of production processes for the purpose of delivering attractive and high-quality products to its customers in a timely manner and at reasonable prices.


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