Two Fat Gentlemen

David and I took a Jaguar XJ long wheelbase for a tiny waft down the M5 to Canberra.

It’s big, it’s luxurious, it’s advanced, and it’s fabulous.

Somehow, Two Fat Gentlemen seemed at home. Somehow, despite the criminal dress sense, we used the big cat as it is meant to be used.

The day trip might be one such gentlemen might take to attend a high powered lunch. They might stop at the nations art gallery to snort up a few lost masterpieces. They might drop by for a small cocktail before heading to the jet.

Whilst sipping, they’d no doubt realise the Jaguar was far preferable to anything the Australian flying public can expect, even in the poshest lounge.

Few luxury cars can match Jaguar. The royal family prefer the British marque. Indeed our car was commandeered for use by the red headed prince. Harry told me he loved it, and why wouldn’t he.

“Alan,” he said, “she’s apples.”

The royals are a funny bunch. No one will comment, they’re riding in a Jag.