The Model S has “Ludicrous” Mode. It gets you to 100kph in around 2.7 seconds.

While you let that sink in, it will come as no surprise that power and torque figures are also hard to believe. Up to 581kW, and 1,250Nm makes a mockery of the posh Euro-Barges.

Suffice to say you’re going to need many more shekels to go any faster without leaving the ground. Only hyper-cars are faster, just, but none are anywhere near as comfortable.

Meanwhile, this unassuming Execu-hatch follows in the great traditions of my favourite 1970s masterpiece, the Rover SD1.

Our Model S came with a fistful of tasteful, but pricey, upgrades.

The 21” grey Turbine wheels have mere schmears of rubber between them and the road. You might think it would make the ride a turbulent affair, but the air suspension sorts all that out.

The rear end has a touch of classic Jaguar about it. And If you look really hard, and squint a bit, you might also see a smidge of Aston Martin Rapide. It is understated, yet beautiful.

The adaptive LED headlights come on as needed, yet they’ll never blind on-comers, while making sure the way ahead remains brightly lit.