VW Arteon. Silly name, fabulous car.

VW Arteon. Silly name, fabulous car.

2018 VW Arteon Launch

This beautiful leggy 5 door execu-hatch replaces the VW CC, which was renamed from the Passat CC. The name is made up of the words “Art”, because the car is a work of art, and Eon, a supreme deity.

If the name does your head in, ignore it. Just use your eyes, and your heart.

VW execs insist it is a new model, but if, like me, you loved the CC, Arteon will make you swoon.

It starts with drop-dead gorgeous looks:

The coupe silhouette not only looks fast, and sexy, but there is something cutting edge about it.

Chrome bars across the grille integrate a complex, intelligent, headlight design. Smart high beams, integrated DTRLs and indicators, and gaping intakes, make the face look classy, and very expensive.

The new VW corporate look will be rolled out as new models come online.

Around the back, a mini spoiler, and integrated reversing camera/VW emblem top off an LED lit hatchback-back. The emblem is also the handle for the hatch. The camera only appears when the it is active. This keeps the lense schmutz free.

Don’t miss the 4motion badge, which is VW’s version of Quattro all-wheel-drive.

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