November 22, 2017


2017 Toyota Camry SX

We drove the Camry at its local launch and liked it.

It tends to a bit of understeer when pushed, but the electronic nannies all keep things tidy.

We liked the looks and the equipment level. There is a raft of electronics to keep you safe, and to entertain.

As well, there is plenty of space in a cabin that has been given a bit of spit and polish. All surfaces feel god to touch. The plastic feel soft, and the upholstery is a mix of man-made and natural materials.

The infotainment has several levels depending on what grade of trim you choose.

The sound is good on all models, and the cabin relatively quiet.

Extra safety gear, extra space, and increased comfort should come at a price, and on some models it has. However, other models are even cheaper.

The range topping SL comes with all the bells and whistles, as well as a choice of drivetrains including Hybrid with an impressive 4.2L/100k.

Our quick video takes a fast tour around the car, as well as a some footage of Camry in motion.


Price (including comparison to old model):

4 Cylinder models

Ascent:                            $27,690              + $1,200

Ascent Sport                   $29,990              – $200

SX                                     $33,990              – $200

SL                                     $39,990              + $2,550


Ascent                             $29,990              – $500

Ascent Sport                   $31,990              – $2,000

SL                                     $40,990              + $550


SX                                     $37,290              n/a

SL                                     $43,990              n/a



4cyl:      Euro 5, 131kw/221Nm, 91ron, 7.8L/100k, 6 speed aut0

6 cyl:     Euro 6, 224kw/362Nm, 95ron, 9.9L/100k, 8 speed auto

Hybrid: 2.5 4cyl + electric series hybrid, 160kw, 4.2 L/100k, CVT auto


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