I always feel like I should be wearing a chauffeurs cap when driving the BMW 7 Series. The ‘Daddy’ of the BMW passenger car range is certainly focused on delivering a great experience to those in the rear-seat.

But, if you find yourself at the controls it’s also a nice experience with plenty of power available and better than you might expect driving dynamics.

I recently had a drive in the stretched 750Li version, this time around though I had the keys to the six-cylinder petrol version – the 2018 BMW 740i.


The current edition BMW 7 Series range has been out for a couple of years now and remains a good-looking vehicle in my opinion.

Not as in your face as a couple of the German saloon car rivals, the BMW offering catches your eye with the massive front kidney grille at the front, the chrome styling highlights and the big dual exhaust outlets at the rear.

2018 bmw 740i interiorInterior

Even though this is the standard body version (i.e. not the stretched ‘L’) the rear seat legroom is more than adequate for regular adults.

You also have the advantage here of having a centre seat, something the “limo” version doesn’t get.

There’s an iPad type controller in the rear/top of the centre armrest and this provides you with controls for things like your individual TV and radio settings etc.

The seats are a highlight in the BMW 740i