There’s another new crossover/small SUV available in Australia with BMW welcoming the new BMW X2.

Launched this week in Canberra, the new BMW offering fills the gap in the X range between the X1 and the X3, prices start from $55,990.

Officially labeled a ‘Sports Activity Coupe’ by BMW, the German car brand is hoping to see the X2 attract new customers to the brand, perhaps young couples and those downsizing out of larger SUVs (empty-nesters perhaps?).


Built on the same platform as the BMW X1, the X2 has an entirely different body to the X1 with only the ‘sharks fin’ antenna and the door handles carrying over.

The new offering has a roofline that sits nearly 70mm lower than the X1 and you sit about 20mm lower to the ground in the X2.

Do I like the looks? Yes, generally speaking. I like the front and the rear, while the side profile is acceptably sleek and stylish.

I have to say though that I’m not crazy about the twin BMW badges that sit prominently on the C pillars (BMW telling us this pays tribute to the legendary M1).

Also, if you look closely you will notice there are two different variants – there’s the standard M Sport car, and as a no cost option you can have an M Sport X.

The differences between the two include grey exterior styling touches (M Sport X) rather than the body-coloured sections.

The idea being that the M Sport is more streamlined, and the M Sport X being the more rugged of the two.

2018 bmw x2 interiorInterior

The BMW X2 shares the same chassis as the X1 and the MINI Countryman and that translates to similar internal proportions to those two offerings on the inside.

There is decent legroom up front, good shoulder room too and the headroom front and rear is impressive.

The rear seat legroom, especially when taller people are seated up front, is fairly minimal, while the rear seat would be a squeeze with three adults aboard.

The dashboard is typical BMW with the familiar buttons and switches found across almost the entire range (and that is no bad thing).

There isn’t a traditional centre console bin, instead there is a fold-down arm rest which opens up to a small storage area (where the optional inductive charging cradle is located), and underneath is a large open bin with USB ports etc.

BMW has given the X2 a good-sized glove box, better than reaso