The family is now complete with the recent introduction of the BMW X2 to Australia.

BMW have finally filled the gap in the X Series range of SUVs with the X2 quite a number of years after their other small models, the X1 and X3.

It’s beyond me as to why there needs to be such a wide choice of compacts when for most, three will suffice.

But if there’s any car maker that’s all about options, then it’s gotta be a German.


Under the spot light was the front-wheel drive BMW X2 sDrive20i with M Sport X package.

For the X2 and compact SUVs just like it, it looks much like a hatchback with an SUV shape.

It sit marginally higher on the chassis with a wide derriere and is otherwise unmistakably BMW from grille to tail.

The ‘X’ of the M Sport X just adds grey plastic side skirts, front insert and wheel arches to the presentation.

The two badges on the rear C-pillars are somewhat polarising for some having no perceivable purpose there.

2018 BMW X2 sDrive20i rearInterior

The interior is striking from the moment you open the door as the orange leather seats contrast against the black cabin.

While the rest is as expected – very BMW with a sleek but minimalist dashboard plus touchscreen, dial control and rocker gear shifter.

The cabin feels small, again, like a hatch, not so much width-wise but there isn’t a whole heap of legroom especially in the back. Though the roofline is higher for taller folk and there is also a sunroof.

Despite the cramped quarter