We drove the sedan version of Honda’s newest popular model at its OZ launch, and we thought it was a ripper.

Previously, the Civic hatch and sedan were two different cars. The hatch was made and designed in the UK. The sedan was designed in Japan, and built in either Thailand of Japan.

Although they shared much, their differences were huge.

Now, not so much.

All-new 2017 Civic hatchback


At first, there were a few particular elements that I didn’t like much at all.

The rear door has an odd kink, like the sedan, and the rear lights looked too big and googly.

But something mystical happened when I drove it, and suddenly it all made sense, and it all clicked into place.

Once it the concept gels, the design gains a cohesive look, and the lighting clusters have a daring cutting edge feel, rather than a tacked-on look.

The pin-sharp LED headlights curve around on to the masculine bulge of the front guards. Large intakes give the protruding nose an angry edge. It looks like it’s been taking extra hours with a celeb personal trainer.

There is a touch of “gamer” about the look, but I like it very much.

They’ve made the lights look properly integrated into the central bar that runs right across the front end. Although they are separate elements that blend like the perfect outfit.

Extended nose cones feature in modern cars to protect careless pedestrians.