The seven-seater version of the Honda CR-V came out towards the middle of last year, much to the delight of large families everywhere.

The VTi-L is the highest grade available with seven seats and at one tier off the top it’s not a bad option for a people mover, or emergency ‘bus’ for unexpected passengers.

It really makes for an ideal family car, if you’re after the high riding variety, courtesy of the extensive features, versatility, drive and ride, and overall presentation.


To the eye the exterior appears to be quite chunky and bulky for a medium sized SUV but does possess what is now a standard outline.

Certainly a bolder look than previous years augmented by the aggressive grille and 3D-shaped rear taillights.

They add some interest but jut out quite far so not all that practical.

Chrome trims provide more highlights and the fan-like, two-tone 18” alloy wheels top it off.

Honda CR-V VTi-L