Getting punters to revisit the medium size sedan segment is problematic for carmakers in the face of an avalanche of similar-sized and priced SUVs.

But the sedan format does have merit especially if you don’t necessarily want to drive around in a practical box, preferring something a little sleeker.

Apart from being a good looker, Hyundai’s latest Sonata (aka i45) medium size sedan is representative of what’s on offer these days and is actually very, very good.

The model has been around for 30 years and its evolution shows in the latest version’s refinement, style, equipment and functionality.


It’s a good looker from all angles especially the front `family’ look and THAT cascading grille along with shiny brightwork to define Sonata’s coupe-like appearance.

The equal of anything else in the class, new Sonata is a revision of the previous car with slicker styling, more kit and better manners.

It has real presence on the road thanks in part to the low, arcing roofline and relatively large dimensions.

Only two variants are available; lower spec’ Active and Premium. The former, our test drive, sells for $31,000.

2018 hyundai sonata interior