They’ve got to be joking, calling a car the XE S, why not drop the pretence and just call the gorgeous compact Jag sedan the SE X. That says it all.

It’s the top of the line model in Jag’s compact lineup and is arguably their best car all things considered – performance, style, dynamics, luxury, safety and feel.

Oh, and it sounds pretty awesome too thanks to the wailing exhaust note trumpeting from the supercharged V6 engine.


Just like a scaled down version of the larger Jaguar XF, the 2018 Jaguar XE S has sports sedan touches including large black wheels and subtle chrome and satin chrome body highlights to set it off.

The slanting headlights have a feline look to them and the tapered rear end, particularly the tail lights, seem to say “p— off you pleb”.

But the overall effect is glamorous and sleek and is streets ahead of XE’s three main competitors; BMW’s bland 3-series, the conservative looking C-Class Benz and Audi’s derivative A4.

I wouldn’t say the Jag has it over Lexus’ IS though.

2018 jaguar xe s interior