The 2018 Jaguar XF battles against some well-established and popular offerings in the large premium sedan race, think Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series and the Audi A7.

But there’s something the big Jag has that the others don’t…a true unique personality and feel.


What a gorgeous looking medium/large four door sedan but not unexpected as it came off the pen of Ian Callum, one of the best car designers on the planet.

He has been able to make the large XF look smaller than it actually is by using a tapered rear end, low arcing roof line and low front end for a dramatic effect.

It follows no current design trend, instead, forges its own that really makes the large Jag stand out in a crowd.

But the design does have a flaw or two in particular limited rear seat legroom and a shallow  boot but it doesn’t detract from the car’s appearance _distinctly Jag, distinctly modern with predatory-looking LED lights front and rear to set it off. Grrrrowl.

2018 jaguar xf interiorInterior

Like the outside, the inside is all style (and function) with a sweeping dash curving across the front with a centre pod recessed into it and a large touch screen controller in the middle.

The test car was an R-Sport which specifies sporty seats and leather upholstery and other sporty touches like the wheel and paddle shift along with two tone colour schemes to the seats and various fascia some of which feature a textured aluminium finish. Stylish indeed!

There is plenty of room in the front, a premium audio system and fast hook-up phone and satnav.


Notorious for its extensive options list which Jag says their buyers want for exclusivity, the `standard’ spec XF 25d R-Sport is in fact generously kitted out with goodies like cruise control with speed limiter, electric parking brake, torque vectoring by braking, Jaguar drive control with multiple modes, sports suspension and a swag of active driver assist technology.

Steering column adjustment is electric and the R-Sport gets rain sensing wipers along with cool looking LED headlights. Body add-ons and paint-outs are used to convey a sporty image.

We particularly like the multiple electric adjustment offered to