A day at the track, and long leisurely drive through the parched Australian landscape showed Stinger for what it is: a beautiful, long legged GT car.

It is capable of great distance in comfort. The cabin replete with gadgets worthy of a premium European, is a truly lovely place to be.

See our launch review here for full details

We expected the world, and usually when such promises are made, disappointment follows. Not in this case.

Kia made no restrictions on the track day beyond a plea for the traction to be left on, unless under the control of our professional driver, Cody Crocker. Cody, a rally champion, has driven Subaru and Polaris, and now Kia.

I chatted with Cody about Stinger, and he was full of praise.

I then sat in with fellow scribe, Grant Edwards, who was as impressed as I was.

We had several days to take a long careful look at what is one of the most significant launches this year, and arguably the most significant for the Korean car maker.

The V6 is the most powerful of the duo drive-train, but the 2.0L turbo 4 is so flexible that in many ways it is more fun.

This is the full-length video of our review. We thought the car worthy of extra attention.

There will be an abridged version for the time-challenged in our ranks, but we hope you’ll take a moment to see Stinger in full flight.

The first segment is a brief run around the race track with some great footage, and views of dusty Australia. We then move to a longer drive with Grant as we discuss Kia, Australian motoring, and the state of the nation.

There is nothing we enjoy more than driving a car, especially if that car is a cracker.

Stinger is just such a cracker.