Land Rover launched their 5th generation Discovery in Australia in August 2017. The Discovery model lineage stretches back 27 years.

We are testing here the Land Rover Discovery TD6 SE which is a middle range model with the biggest engine.

The 5th generation Discovery seems to have addressed some issues that plagued previous models. For me that is a great thing as I have always been a big fan of the Discovery.



Unlike many of us the Discovery has gotten better looking over the years and has gone soft in its looks. Unlike the 4WD boxy shape of previous generations, this latest version looks much rounder, softer and way smaller than it actually is, especially from the front.

The shape is also misleading in appearance, especially when you look at the approach and departure angles, wading depth and ground clearance. You scratch your head and wonder how.

Again clever and very stylish design.

2018 Land Rover Discovery TD6 interior