There aren’t many cars like the Nissan 370Z – a two-door, two-seater, rear-wheel drive coupe with a V6 engine.

Not much has changed with the 370Z, just a few inconsequential inclusions to the package this year.

A new paint colour, new alloy wheel design and smoked front and rear lights as wells as smoky chrome finished door handles.

The clutch too has been in upgraded on the six-speed manual making it more responsive.


This has to be, in my opinion, one of the coolest looking cars on the road.

The Nissan 370Z is distinctive, sleek and sexy.

With beetle-shaped curves, beautiful red callipers, and the afore mentioned big and flashy alloy wheels this coupe looks the part – compact, low slung, aerodynamic,

2018 Nissan 370ZInterior

The interior is a tad underdone, with a fitout that is sparse and on the side of being dated.

I know machines like this are geared towards the drive, but the cabin could do with a little more style and comfort.

Mostly coated in smooth black plastic across the dashboard, the centre is narrow topped off with three racing style gauges and loop-type door handles being only real standouts.

The steering wheel only has tilt adjustment which is a real surprise, but the instrument panel moves with it so you’ve always got a view of them through the wheel no matter how tall you are.

These gauges are again simplistic with an orange LCD info display screen and Nissan could make the wheel more compact or flat-bottomed for a sportier feel.

Switches on the steering wheel and dash are basic and the recessed touchscreen is on the small side siting above a collection of buttons and a dial control.

Also absent in the meagre cabin is ample storage options. Well, there are storage areas, but the door pockets, cup holders, centre bin and storage bays behind the seats are all so small.

I’m so used to have a bin/hutch/cubby in the centre of the dash to put my phone not having it seems to be unusual.

In order to maintain the sleek, sloping shape of the rear, the boot is also very tiny.

You can’t fit in anything too bulky; just your shopping or a backpack and small suitcase.

There is a however, a cargo blind fitted to the inside of the liftback.