Along with the Toyota LandCruiser, the Nissan Patrol has been a staple of Australian serious off-roading enthusiasts.

Both are some of the largest proper 4WDs on market – in a category of their own.

This thing is a juggernaut.

A true off-roader, the Patrol is a powerhouse, big on features and space, it has everything you’d need for any challenging trip.


The body of the Patrol is as it traditionally is – big, square, and bulky – however, corners are rounded off and nothing sticks out.

Overall, the exterior is understated with not major embellishments, reflective of its pragmatism.

The Ti-L comes a tow ball and side steps to aid boarding. Large, square wing mirrors provide a decent view for the driver.

2018 Nissan Patrol Ti-LInterior

The interior is updated, but has an older fe