The ST-L is a middle-of-the-range SUV for around $40,765 (driveaway) for the ST-L Petrol 2WD 5-seater.

There are: 5 trim levels (ST, ST-L, Ti, TS and TL), 3 engines, a CVT auto or 6-speed manual, and 2 or AWD, depending on the model you select. It would be easier if you could use a configurator to select the exact features, engines, and transmissions you want, but the product manager has selected specific features to curate a model range.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you got a base car, then just added what you want? It would, but that would mean every car is ex-factory with a 6 to 12 week wait.

You get a lot of car for the price, with space that can be easily used, and tech you don’t need a degree to operate.


The face sports Nissan’s V-Motion grille which is a bit in-your-face. The 17” wheels (19” on the next 2 models in the range) have all-season tyres.

LED tail lights, and LED DTRLs, but the ST-L misses out on the fancy LED auto high-beam headlights.