We did it all, the road trip, the shopping run, and airport pickup, and an emergency coffee run, and all we got was this crap T-shirt. The videos gathered are a wealth of information on our favourite 4WD.

The sound in parts is a bit ropy, but such is life on the road.

The 2018 Range Rover SV Autobiography Dynamic (SWB) has it all: class, looks, power, and comfort. The supercharged 5.0L V8 sounds superb.

Since most of you hate trawling through a long video, we’ve made a couple of small films.

We did:

The first is the review.

A quick walk around, and drive

Then, watch the Rangie park all by iteself.

Self parking is amazing at the best of times, but when the car in question is as massive as a Range Rover, all bets are off.

We walk you through the clever electric doors, and a quick tour of the back seat. The rear hatch still has all the hallmarks of everyone’s favourite polo partner.

What’s a polo match without a smattering of Range Rovers spread liberally amongst the SUV offerings. Name another luxury SUV which has proper 4WD, and a cabin that is better than a first class airliner.

The drive is an extended version of material not included in the review.

I bang on a bit about how fab the Range Rover is, for those who don’t mind an ear-bashing.

The interior gets a thorough going over.

I go through the nuts and bolts, including the TV and virtual driver’s instrument panel. It is the way all cars should be.