Yes, I would love to own a Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series V8 turbo-diesel, who wouldn’t? But the price is a bit of a stopper, more than a bit actually.

Toyota makes it easy on a wannabe ‘Cruiser 200 Series owner buy offering the smaller Prado which is a worthy little brother to the Big Kahuna and is still a full chassis vehicle…a proper fourbie.

We got hold of the GXL auto mid spec’ model selling for $63,000 that fills the bill on most scores apart from outright performance and towing capability when compared to the 200 Series.


Prado recently had a styling refresh focusing on the sculpted bonnet (like 200 Series), new LED headlights, new grille, guards, bumpers and other minor body hardware.

It was an overall small tweak which actually lifts the look of Prado to a more contemporary level accentuated with some new colours.

But it’s still identifiable as a Prado and plenty of people are happy with that especially the price reductions and additional features on some models.

toyota prado GXL interiorInside

Like the exterior, Prado’s interior scores a tweak with a redesigned dashboard, instrument binnacle and switchgear.

The revised centre console incorporates a flush-surface air-conditioning control panel and has a low profile at the top for a sleeker appearance and improved forward visibility.