Right now, Toyota has its environmental commitments covered with a range of hybrid vehicles, the most affordable of which is the Prius C that sells from $24,040.

The more luxurious and better equipped i-Tech model as driven here goes for $26,540.

If you hate going to the servo, one of these little jiggers is the go.

They sip fuel at ridiculously low rates and make handy ‘shopping trolleys’ with the potential to be driven with confidence on the freeway as long as you don’t expect too much.


Looks a bit like a Ford Fiesta at the front and like someone chopped off its tail but the overall appearance is inoffensive. Thank goodness they didn’t simply scale down the larger Prius.

The Prius C is a five door hatch that can fit in tight spots due to its compact dimensions and easy handling.

The styling won’t win any beauty contests but is possibly the least confronting of Toyota’s three Prius models.

Toyota tweaked Prius C recently with revisions to the front and rear along with a stronger chassis with more welds and other improvements.

2018 toyota prius c i-tech interior