With the launch in Australia of their Golf GTI ‘Original’, Volkswagen is doing their bit to keep alive those aspects of driving pleasure, from the era that they kicked off with their first Golf GTI.

The first Volkswagen Golf appeared in 1974 and their first GTI hot hatch version in 1976.

This latest Original package has some good modern features and comfort but not all the latest technical wizardry for a car to assist (some say interfere) with the driver’s role.

It creates a feeling of being in contact with the mechanics of the car in the way that motoring enthusiast love.

The Original is a three-door hatch which inevitably compromises accessibility for style. You are putting fashion ahead of function.

Volkswagen started importing the three-door Scirocco to Australia in 2012 but it did not do well and they stopped selling them in the second half of 2017.

According to Volkswagen the three-door Golf GTI has a better chance of sales success because it has its own ‘construct’.

With the name plate of the second most popular car model in motoring history, it has a strong, well known image.


Some three-door hatches can look awkward, as though they were a normal sedan that has a short tail that ruins the balance of the vehicle. The Original is not like that. It gives an image of poise and stability.

It has many features to make it look purposeful without looking tacky. These include: body coloured bumper bars and door handles; body coloured exterior rear-view mirrors (the mirrors were actually rather small though); exposed chrome exhaust tail pipes, left and right; and GTI Original nameplate on the tailgate.

Its outward appearance is heightened with 18” Sevilla alloy wheels which are dark graphite in colour with a red pinstripe around the rim and red brake calipers behind.