Big and butch Holden Colorado Z71

Big and butch Holden Colorado Z71


SUVs now outnumber passenger cars in sales. When you add LCVs, or Light Commercial Vehicles like pick-ups, passenger cars are hugely eclipsed sales-wise.

Colorado is one such LCV.


A Drive-away offer of $56, 826 for a special 2017 plate clearance price, down from $62,077.

It has a 5 star safety rating, and comes as 2 or 4 wheel drive

There are several body styles: Single cab, space cab, crew cab which means 2 or 4 doors, and there is either a chassis or ute back configuration depending on what model you buy. The Chassis body has a cabin on which you can have your own prefence of aluminium tray back. Perhaps you might even select a camper of some king. I know, Irony, right?

The 2.8 duramax diesel has 147kw and 500Nm of torque.

It is surprisingly lusty, and drives the wheels through a fairly smooth 6 speed auto. I’d expect more gears as we near the end of the second decade of the 21st century, but hey-ho. It tends to be a bit patchy in selections when you’re driving in a slightly spirited way. I can’t help it, it’s a fun car.

Our Z71 is the top model and comes with sexy 18” wheels, handsome trim along the rear tray, and some more at the rear window. It also has this eye-catching decal on the bonnet making it look aggressive. The DTRL LEDs at the front add to the handsome overall appearance at the front.

Colorado is no shrinking violet. It is big and bold, and the Tonka Toy look appeals the our inner bogan.

I picture myself as a sweaty tradie, with heavy tool belt and an open flanny and, Oh, sorry, I stepped out for a moment!

It’s a big old chunk of metal which you don’t really notice until it comes time to park. There is no auto parking, so it’s all down to the driver. Parking in a normal space uses all of that space with nothing to spare.

With sensors all round, and a rear camera, the parking process is surprisingly easy.

Why buy a big pick-up? Because it can go off-road, climb rocks, and traverse deep mid and sand, or, at least the 4X4 versions can.

The cabin is fairly comfy.



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