10 Things You Didn’t Know About Peugeot and the 5008

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Peugeot and the 5008


2018 Peugeot 5008 GT (Photo Narrative Post/Matthias Engesser)

Peugeot launched both its brand new 5008 SUV last week.

Also new to Peugeot Citroën is Anouk Poelmann, who took the MD seat late last year.

It is no co-incidence 5008 was launched in the grounds of one of the most beautiful and historic properties in New South Wales, Mark Foy’s uber-posh Hydro-Majestic Hotel, where “Savoirfaire” and “flamboyance” were the words du jour.

Peugeot Citroën recently bought Opel from GM to expand the company portfolio, so we can expect big things in the near future. Remember, Peugeot Citroën was running at a loss only a few years ago.

1: Inchcape took over the distributorship of Peugeot and Citroën in Australia.

They started with a clean sheet, and new staff, and a new company which integrated both French brands under a shiny new umbrella.

Offices moved from out along the Parramatta Road, to those occupied by Subaru, another successful brand imported by Inchcape.

They hired Anouk to head the company, and to give it the spit and polish she is noted for.

Every Peugeot has a 5-year warranty until the 31st of March, and the 5008 is the first of 2 brand new cars to be launched this year.

That’s a great start, but what good is a promise without product to back up the claims?

So, hot on the heels of the brilliant 3008, PCA’s flagship SUV, the 5008, showed a bit of executive dash at its launch in the Blue Mountains this week.

2: The 5008 is based on the 3008

2018 Peugeot 5008 Allure (Photo Narrative Post/Matthias Engesser)

It has a similar look, with some extra length. It uses the same EMP2 platform, engines, and 6-speed AISIN transmission.

3: The turbo 1.6L petrol, and 2.0L turbo diesel have won design awards in Europe.

Small turbo engines are replacing larger less efficient units. Once, SUVs were seen as petrol guzzlers.

4: 5008 is the only SUV in the segment with 7 seats as standard.

Peugeot-5008-seating (1).jpg

There are 7 seats in all, with the 3rd row being removable. Once removed, the 11kg seats leave extra under-floor space for knickknacks to be secreted out of sight.

Once the 2nd and 3rd row seats are flattened, the front passenger seat can also be laid flat. Peugeot says a surfboard will fit inside the cabin.

Front seats have a pull-down table for second row passengers.

5: The asymmetric cockpit uses the second generation of Peugeot’s innovative i-cockpit

The interior is delicious.

2018 Peugeot 5008 GT-Line (Photo Narrative Post/Matthias Engesser)

The concept is centred around the most important person in the cabin, the driver.

A digital dashboard can be configured to show Satnav, with speed and RPM as small graphics either side, or conventional dials. A small steering wheel, reminiscent of a go-cart, allows a driver to view the readouts over the top, rather than through the spokes.

The centre touch LCD uses gestures, while “piano keys” mounted below are used to further navigate the system. They provide direct access to features.

Both LCDs have excellent resolution, with a fast response time to flick between functions.

6: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard.

2018 Peugeot 5008 GT (Photo Narrative Post/Matthias Engesser)

It allows true handsfree use of the phone and navigation. Messages, calls, Siri, Maps and other supported Siri functions work by simply saying “Hey Siri”, or by pressing and holding the voice activation button on the wheel.

More features are being added to the system as Apple updates the IOS.

Android users enjoy similar functions.

7: SUV drivers choose 2-wheel-drive if the option is available.

When given a choice to save money, weights, and fuel, buyers are favouring the front or rear wheel drive options. An AWD or 4WD system is heavy, and uses more fuel even in normal use.

Who wouldn’t want to save money at the time of purchase, and at the bowser?

There is optional grip control if you get stuck, and comes with hill descent control.

8: Lane Keep Assist and smart cruise control, help pilot the car.

The front facing cameras identify painted lane markings and use sophisticated algorithms which decide what force is applied to the steering wheel. In fact, the torque applied will steer the car very accurately with little input from the driver.

Of course, the driver can’t remove hands from the wheel or the system will get cranky and demand hands be replaced.

Smart cruise control uses camera and radar to keep a set distance from objects in front. The driver can vary this distance as he wishes. As the vehicle leading slows, the 5008 slows. In traffic, the queue function will move with the traffic. If you’re stopped for more than 3 seconds, the driver hits the resume button or accelerator to continue.

9: AEB help prevent or minimise accidents.

While Autonomous Emergency Braking may not stop all accidents, it will react faster than most humans. Braking force applied is up to 25% harder than a driver will manage.

10: Peugeot 5008 is the only vehicle to offer an electric scooter and an option.


That is of course if you don’t count the 3008. Peugeot’s Ekick electric assisted scooter is a magnificent piece of design and comes in at around $1,600, $2,000 if you add the docking kit.

The aluminium scooter has a 500W motor which can propel the petite pusher at up to 20kph for around 12km. The 90wh Lithium-Ion battery keeps the total weight down to just 8.5kg.

It folds for storage, will charge in an hour, and has a load limit of 100kg.




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