The VW Golf GTi Original Review

The VW Golf GTi Original Review

Volkswagen is doing their bit to try and keep alive some of the earlier aspects of motoring, from the era that they kicked off with their first Golf GTI.  In Australia they have launched a model they call their Golf GTI Original.

The first VW Golf appeared in 1974 and their first GTi hot hatch version in 1976.

This latest Original package has many modern features and comfort but not all the latest technical wizardry for a car to assist (some say interfere) with the driver’s role.  It creates a feeling of being in contact with the mechanics of the car in the way that motoring enthusiast love.

Features include

  • 3 Door body
  • 169kW @ 4700 – 6200
  • 350Nm @ 1500 – 4600
  • 6 speed manual or six speed dual clutch
  • Weighs only 1,304 to 1326 kilograms depending on the gearbox
  • City Emergency Brake (City EB) and pedestrian monitoring
  • 18” Sevilla alloy wheels, black with red pinstripe
  • 8 inch infotainment system with App-Connect
  • Rear View Camera
  • Driver fatigue detection system


It harks back to its early heritage as an affordable hot hatch with a starting RRP of $37,490.  Add $2,500 for the DSG gear box and the sole option is a Driver’s Assistance pack at $1600 with blind spot detection and a few other things.

The interior is colourful and fun with tartan seat covers.  Such a strong pattern is a reminder of the 1969 Monaro days with their “houndstooth” and “basketweave” patterns.

The top of the range four door Golf GTI has what Volkswagen calls an Electronic Differential Lock.  It is actually a traction control system that acts to stop wheel spin.  It gives the GTI great cornering ability and getting the power to the ground when coming out of a corner.

The Golf Original does not have this.  It still handles very well but will understeer more easily and give more noise from the tyres than its outstanding big brother.  On the twisting road of Macquarie Pass south of Sydney with some corners signposted at 15km/hr, it was in its element.

And so, the Volkswagen Golf GTi Original shifts the balance back to more driver feel and less technical involvement from the car without compromising modern comfort, build quality and competitive pricing.



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