Mercedes Benz E400 Cabriolet 2018

Mercedes Benz E400 Cabriolet 2018

Drop tops are far too rare, and good ones are even rarer.

Who doesn’t want to recapture the glamour of the 50’s? Some say Australia provides the perfect foil for open-air motoring, others say you get burnt to a crisp. Of course, a retractable roof lets you do both.

If your pockets permit, spending a few extra shekels scores not only a premium finish, cutting edge tech, and built-in kudos, but immense satisfaction too.

Exterior2018-Mercedes-Benz-E400-Cabriolet (1).jpg

There is nothing subtle about the Mercedes Benz E400 Cabriolet. It screams “look at me, please”.

There are lashings of shiny bits, along with 20” AMG alloys, and the ability to match or contrast your body and roof. It adds a touch of verisimilitude to a road experience from the halcyon days of motoring

The stylish design starts up front with an adaptive LED array which lights just the right amount of road without dazzling oncoming punters. LED tail lights literally glitter from within.

The beauty of ragtops is that they take less space in the boot. It allows for a slender rump and makes the silhouette as svelte as a super-model. Loving metal folding roofs as I do, they give rear ends a matronly make over, and not in a good way.

The fabric roof is fully automatic and can be operated from the fob. Its multi-layer construction makes the cabin whisper quiet. Only the heaviest of rain makes more than a comforting patter overhead.

Contrary to popular belief, modern convertibles are not the leaking sieves of old. It folds away into a tray in the boot which in turn can be folded away at the touch of a button. When the roof is deployed, the boot makes god use of space.

Chrome on the body and bumper have an old world feel. Chrome highlights extend to the door handles and auto fold mirrors. The indicator repeaters in the mirror look great and add an extra layer of visibility to other road users.

If you don’t want to use the fob to open your roof, you can leave it secreted about your person. Just grab the door handle and the car will recognize you, unlock the doors, and unfold the mirrors.

The doors are extremely heavy and are full of the reinforcing that helps stop intrusions during an unfortunate incident.


Once seated, the cabin can only be described as spectacular. It is lavish to the point of being overdone. It wants to hug you, the bring you a drink after making you dinner. You feel like you’re being served by a uniformed butler in a posh country pile. You expect powder-wigged flunkies to appear at any moment.

The effect is quite intoxicating.

Then there is the tech. Remember the time you had to wait for years for the good gear on the top Mercs to filter down the range? Not anymore.

Tech, convenience, and comfort, have been



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