2018 VW Arteon Review and Video

2018 VW Arteon Review and Video

VW Arteon is the latest German carmaker’s offering in the medium car segment.

It sold only 79 last month, and 131 for the first 2 months of the year. The low volume halo car is bigger than the CC it replaced, and far more luxurious than any other VW sold here.

Car makers the world over have been cramming more and more into their models at an ever-increasing rate.

Who’d have thought only a few years ago that we would reach the stage where autonomous vehicles would be anything other than a distant hope?

The VW Arteon is as near as damnit to being a self-driving mode of transport as it is possible to be


The long, graceful coupe-style saloon has a low swooping roofline. Pillarless doors evoke the old-world grandeur 50’s Hollywood. It looks glamorous, and far more expensive than it actually is

There are only 2 option packs, one of which replaces the standard 19” Montevideo wheels with 20” Rosario graphite turbine wheels. The other is a glass sunshine roof. Oddly, the wheels package comes with an upgraded audio system.

LED Headlights include DTRLs and indicators integrated into the lines of the grille, which continues lines from the bonnet. It is a subtle design that makes a big statement.

Access to the rear hatch is via the “kick to open” feature, or by pushing the top of the VW badge in. It hinges out allowing you to grip its lower edge. The badge conceals the reversing camera which remains hidden unless required. This keeps the lense clean and free from water.

Arteon looks expensive, and if you squint you can see more than a touch of Audi A5, another brand in the Volkswagen group.


If one word could be used to describe the luscious interior, it would be “calming”.

Its design language continues the VW group’s direction of the last few years and eschews the frantic boy-racer-obsessed cockpits proliferating in recent times. Arteon cocoons passengers as if each is a club-class member. At any moment you expect a dinner-suited gent to appear with a….


Here is a video we shot at the launch where I was joined my Richard Berry.

Facts and Figures

Engine:               2.0L turbo petrol, 206kw/350Nm

Transmission:    7speed DSG

Safety:                5 star

Origin:                Germany

Warranty:          3 years unlimited km

Price:                  $65,490



Fuel: 98RON, 7.5/100k, 66L tank

Performance: 5.6seconds 0-100k

Options: glass sliding roof $2,500, 20” graphite wheels/Dynamic Audio, $2,500



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