2018 Range Rover Velar P380 First Edition Review

2018 Range Rover Velar P380 First Edition Review

Some say Range Rover’s Velar is the “Fabio” of the car world.

Well OK, I’m the only one to have said that, but beautiful it is, and it is smart too. The special edition model is crammed full of useful goodies which are either smart or pretty, or both.


Flux Silver is the $13,120 satin-finish covering the Velar in a moody blaze of matte glory. It looks stormy and brooding in a deliciously menacing way.

Flush door handles deploy as the inbuilt button is pressed. As the doors unlock, the handles pop out ready for a gentle tug.

The body sits high atop 22” 9 (split) spoke alloys, and lights are distinctive LEDs front and back.

Believe it or not, that’s not the limit of the coolness outside, but most of it you never see despite being in plain sight. Much of what you see is actually aluminium. In fact, 81% of the construction is aluminium.

The rear hatch is plastic, and is electrically operated. It has an incredibly moody “kick to open” function. See the video if you want a laugh.

If you think Velar looks like Range Rover’s baby Evoque, you’re not mistaken. Velar has the same dramatic sweeping roof and high angular waistline.


Range Rover does interiors like no-one else, except Jaguar of course. That’s no surprise considering Range Rovers are Jags on steroids.

There are heated and cooled massaging front seats. Not to mention power reclining back seats, and glass sliding sunroof.

It’s the Star-Wars dashboard and console that is where it’s at.

Toching the start button brings the inky blackness of the cockpit to life, in full living colour. Driver’s instruments being displayed on 12” LCD monitors isn’t such a big deal. Even a humble Golf can have that.

It’s the centre console that is a true celebration of tech in the late “teens”. In fact, this layout can now be found in the Range Rover Sport too.

The upper touch screen is power-adjustable and houses the infotainment system. The semi-auto parking, satnav, media, and phone can be displayed separately, but the HOME screen will show compact version of multiple apps.

The lower screen contains settings normally found in the myriad of buttons that litter interiors making them look messy and confusing.

There are virtual buttons across the top of the screen for vehicle, climate, seats and settings, which bring up the corresponding menu. The 2 large dials below will also change function depending on what menu is selected.

For Full Specs and pics CLICK HERE



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