BMW M850i picks up the the original left off.

BMW M850i picks up the the original left off.

M850i revealed in Australia for launch in March

20 years ago, a BMW 8 Series was the by-word for fast, powerful, gentlemen’s touring.

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It was classy and sophisticated, and its unique wedge shape was seen in all the right places, the haunts of the well-heeled. Even now, when you think of that car, you imagine sipping champagne, in a tux, leaning against the balcony at the Opera House.

The new 8 Series brings back that Hollywood glamour, and matches it with M level performance. It is, quite simply, magnificent.

Set against the backdrop a leafy inner Sydney suburb high above glittering Sydney Harbour, BMW revealed the newest German muscle car-come-GT. A coupe and convertible M850i sat with a mint original 8 Series coupe in between.

As well as M850i xDrive coming with or without a roof, as the name suggests, it has All-Wheel-Drive.

The muscular bodywork starts with an aggressive front end. An elongated kidney grille and laser headlights that shine 500m ahead, dominate a sexy visage that looks like it wants to spank you. The GT looks are further enhanced as you move along the deeply sculptured doors, to the long, low rear end. It sits on 20” wheels, and has a bulging bootlid that is is electric, and fully hands free. You wouldn’t want to scratch it with you rink darlinks.

The rear end has a lot going on with wafer-thin trails of light have a touch of “Vegas-at-Night” about them. They swirl as if the vortices formed during the big bang were giving birth to reflectors, and chromed exhausts. Even with the lights off, the pert rump…


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