Kia Carnival is known in the USA as the Sedona. 

It is the best selling people mover in the country according to VFACTS, and Kia.

It’s the sensible choice for those who fancy tea and Tim Tams at three. It is tough and reliable. Above all has enough space to transport the team to a game, then double as the playing field upon arrival.

2019 Kia Carnival PE Platinum.


Kia calls Carnival a CUV, or Crossover Utility Vehicle, making it sound like something requiring a séance on a beach. Please note, the Kia USA website says it is a Mini Van, a term to strike terror into the hearts of thousands.

“No No,” Kia OZ says. Carnival is a sort-of stretched version of a Sorento.

That means it is based on an SUV instead of a fridge, like most other people movers. Most people movers are called mini-vans for a reason, they’re small vans. Small vans are very unattractive, Victor.

Rather than laboring the point any further, let’s move swiftly to particulars.

The likeness to Sorento is uncanny, especially at the front end. S, Si, SLi and Platinum models look similar but don’t be fooled. Platinum is a precious metal, and that means it costs a lot.