2019 LEXUS LC 500 Overview

Not long ago, LEXUS the never broke down, but you wished they would. They were dull, and made you lose the will to live, Then, hey made the LFA, and lo! it was good.

It is made of exotic materials like carbon fibre and plastic. The body and panels are fashioned from aluminium, making them light and strong.

LC 500 and the LS limousine are the pinnacle of the LEXUS. It was launched in 2017 and since, I have grown to love it.

Unlike other LEXUS models, LC 500 just one trim level, but two drivetrains. The Racing Coupe is a hybrid and the Luxury Coupe is the V8. Both are automatic.

2019 LEXUS LC 500 Exterior

LC 500 is in your face, in a stylish and elegant kind of way.

The bright yellow wedge bugles over muscular wheel arches. The roof hovers as if possessed by a mystical incantation. It swoops gently backward to the dramatic rear end. If the $15,000 enhancement pack is added, the roof is made of carbon fibre. There is also carbon fibre extends to door sills for extra bling.

2016 Lexus LC 500

Moving from the front, the body swerves dramatically inward, super-car style. Deep vents behind the doors wait silently to be called on to douse the brakes in cool fresh air.

Beautifully detailed lighting at the front looks like cluster-set diamond rings. The grille looks it receives signals from space. It is one of the most polarising features of every new LEXUS.

Every panel is carved deeply, with swirls and flourishes. They aid air flow, as well as looking looking good. The boot has a wing that deploys above 80kph. Naturally, it is part of the option pack. In a fit of genius, the boot release is a tiny round button secreted in the very corner of the right-side tail light. Despite the wing, the bootlid is surprisingly light.

Although LC 500 is a GT car, you could be forgiven for thinking it is a work of art. It presents an eye-catching form that, love it or loathe it, will stick with you forever. It is such a nice change from the ubiquitous blancmange that is the Australian high street.