2019 Mazda MX5 update, Road Test, launch Review


A shade under 30 years ago, Mazda released the first MX5.

It became a cult classic with some of those early cars fetching more now than they did then. Mazda just rolled out the second MX5 update this year, and it brings some of the features we have been wanting for oh so long.

First, a few interesting facts: Buyers continue to flock to SUVs, at the expense of passenger cars. Sports car sales are down 40%, and the top seller continues to be Ford’s Mustang by a considerable margin.

Despite this, MX5 has carved its own unique niche and its owners are equally unique.

57% of MX5 sales are manual, with most buyers preferring the retractable hard top over the soft top model. Australia and the USA are markets where automatic transmissions reign supreme. It seems MX5 buyers are of an ilk.

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The bold bodywork looks like it was carved from a solid block of sexy gorgeousness.

Two body styles continue, the soft top, and RF (retractable Fastback). The latter has the faint whiff of 60’s Lotus with just a touch of 70’s Camaro and a spot of Triumph Stag. It gives the coupe silhouette extra security over a cloth roof. After all, you can’t cut your way through a solid top with a bottle opener can you?

As you move up through the range, the tasty treats mount and mount. Here are just a few:</