Pathfinder is a large, high-riding, SUV.

As the world continues the buyer shift from passenger cars to SUV and LCV utes, the ratio is really ramping up.

7-seater vehicles are just the ticket for someone who wants to take granny along on a family adventure. When granny would rather suck lemons than put up with whining kids, the seats will be tucked neatly away. It takes up a bunch of space in the boot, so removing them when not in use would be mighty handy.

Pathfinder was released 5 years ago and sold 2,400 to the end of November. That is substantially down from 3,618 from this time last year, and is a 33.7% drop. Nissan’s best seller is Pathfinder’s little sister, the Qashqai. It sold 18,194 for the same period.

Pathfinder was launched with 3 models, ST, ST-L and Ti. These were joined in 2017 by the ST+ w