Sunny Noosa, the perfect place for Toyota Corolla to show a shiny, sexy, new face.

All-new, the 12th generation Corolla has new engines, including a hybrid in every grade, new transmissions, and a fabulously comfortable cabin.

On-board technology has been crammed into every nook and cranny. Apple CarPlay is still absent, but Toyota has seen the error of it’s ways and promises CarPlay/Android Auto in the near future. You might even be able to have it fitted to some current models post-sale.

See a list of features grade by grade HERE

Corolla promises a fully spec’d family hatch that is small enough for city work, but comfortable enough for a couple to take on a road trip.

I liked the Active cruise control with speed sign recognition and recommendation, and active lane control. Those things, very handy on a road trip, were once only found in the poshest of posh cars.

LED lighting all round includes auto on dusk sensing, plus auto high beam up front.

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For the times when you just want to do the shopping, the CVT auto will use less fuel than the 6 speed manual (with rev matching). If you want a sportier drive, the CVT has a manual mode which will simulate a 10 speed fixed ratio automatic.

It is a world first CVT with a torque  converter which allows for a “launch gear”. 1st gear acts like a normal automatic making traffic lights sound a bit less dramatic. Your engine won’t sound like it is trying to blast a hole in the bonnet.

Overtaking needs planning despite the 125kw petrol engine. A tiny turbo would change things hugely.

The only foible is the fact a CVT car costs around $27,000 plus onroads. The bas model manual has a large gap between 2nd and 3rd. Maybe we just have to be happy with many new cars having CVT only.

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