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Toyota RAV4 come in 4 models, EDGE now sits above Cruiser as top dog.

The recently released model brings much needed updates and many, many, new technologies. It is a vast improvement on the dreary previous RAV4 model we drove a few years ago. It left me slightly depressed.

The new model is a different story.


New RAV4 looks modern and edgy.

The previous car appealed to hairdressers and dog walkers, whereas the new RAV4 EDGE has more angles than a political lobbyist.

Colour choices included Edge is offered in five colours including a bespoke Jungle Khaki, along with Graphite, Eclipse Black, Atomic Rush Red and Eclectic Blue. Our grey car looked like unfinished undercoat, and I’d give that particular colour a miss.

The look is chunky and linier. Big bold LED tail lights protrude from each corner and dominate the rear.  Large, angular, automatic LED headlights top off a very busy front end.

There are lines , lines, lines. The grille is surrounded by deep carving, with many different surfaces. It looks like someone went berserk with a colouring pen and Toyota mistook it for a finished product. Funnily enough, as busy as it is, the front end looks ok.

Side profile is less frantic, but just as angular as the front end. Wheel arches are flattened at the top, and big, wide mouldings to highlight off-road credentials.

Rav4 EDGE gets bespoke 19” wheels with an 18” spare. You can’t risk a puncture repair/inflation kit when you’re out bush.


The cabin is roomy, cosy, and practical, yet slightly funky thanks to colourful highlights.

Seating is comfortable and the driver has memory power adjustment. For 50 grand, I’d have liked the passenger to get a couple of buttons too. Front seats are heated and cooled with little vents wafting cool air up the Khyber.

Softex fake leather upholstery is easy wipe off nasty spills. I’m not sure what that says about the gays in the village1

Leather from an actual is used on the doors and steering wheel. Edge owners might feel a little jipped leather seats can be had in Cruiser, the model below. I know how important leather is to some

The new dash looks modern and is ergonomically laid out. Gone is the jutty-out bits of the old model.

Soft Orange rubber lines in the bins, wireless phone charger, and cup holders. Along with orange stitching, the pops of colour brighten up the interior. It’s fun and funky without looking twee and contrived.

Similar soft feel rubber is found on the climate and audio controls. I wonder how it will all look after a decade in the Australian sun.

The centre stack houses a ubiquitous floating tablet touch screen, bi-zone air conditioning, and seat temperature controls. Just under that is Qi wireless phone charging tray, an 8-speed automatic selector, and a vast array of buttons for on and off-road programmes. If you can’t find a mode that suits you, you’re just not trying.

Rear seats are elevated in a slightly theatrical manner. Those in the back get to see over the heads of the peeps in front, sort of.

The cargo hold feels capacious at 580L. It is accessed via a power hatch. You can remove the roller blind that covers you groceries, because it is just another thing to develop a rattle. I think they’re useless and would leave it at home in the broom cupboard.

That is just the first of many little comforts.


Convenience and safety features have been shoe-horned in to new RAV4.

There is Dual-zone climate control with rear vents, a Qi wireless phone charger,, and Keyless smart entry and star, for a startt.

Four of the five USB outlets have fast charge. Toyota has finally bowed to pressure and entered the 21st century by delivering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but not for a few months.

Early adopters are catered for by Toyota retrofitting any of the newer infotainment systems free of charge. Presumably other models in Toyota’s stable will have the same opportunity.

Driver instruments binnacle includes a 7” multi-function LCD screen between Speedo and tacho dials. The 8” infotainment touch screen reacts quickly to commands and is very easy to navigate. Rear doors and windows have darkened privacy glass tinting. It is surprisingly difficult to see in to from outside. That’s just the thing for aspiring stars.

Cruiser and EDGE both get a posh glass sunroof, and a premium 9 speaker JBL sound system.

Drive modes include both hard road and off-road programmes, but we only tested on nice firm tarmac. I get dirty for no-one

The Drive

Oddly, EDGE has in just one engine/transmission option.

You get an AWD,  2.5L 4 cylinder petrol engine. A deliciously smooth 8-speed automatic is unique to EDGE, with a slightly less delicious CVT used in all other models. There is a manual option on the base GX. I wouldn’t mind a manual in all models. Sadly, I’m in the minority.

Power is adequate at 152kw and 243Nm.

91ron fuel gets a claimed 7.3L/100k but we got closer to 9. Other models have a Hybrid option too, and I’d like to see that in EDGE. I’m fond of a Hybrid. Again, I would like to a simply selection process to get what I really want? The top car, with a hybrid drivetrain, even if it means the dreaded CVT automatic.

Suspension is sophisticated with Macpherson Struts at the front, and trailing wishbones at the back. It makes the ride rather good, even in town.

Driver aids include systems that work together, so the driver doesn’t have to.

Smart cruise control, with queue function and blind sport monitoring, works with active lane control. It stops you from changing lanes unless you indicate, and no one is in your blind spot.

Wafting down the highway was an easy, gentle, affair. RAV4 did all the hard work. It favours the left hand side of the lane which is slightly freaky when a B-Double is wandering about in the lane next to you. Although I can see myself turning it off most of the time, it would be a cracker on a road trip.

The cabin is quiet unless you sink the boot in, with only the worst of roads making any kind of intrusive noise. You still get the “ker-thump, ker-thump” on those hideous concrete roads, but you don’t much feel it as much as hear it.

The word “seamless” is used for too much, but in the case of RAV4, it is well deserved. I hardly felt a gear change regardless of drive mode. I had to re-check the specs to make sure I didn’t have a CVT model. CVT automatics have no gears, so there is no change in ratios. This automatic was as smooth.

Steering was light and brakes had just the right amount of feel. Not too harsh, not too soft, just right. I’m too fat and old to be Goldilocks, but you get the picture.

I enjoyed the drive and would happily done the road trip thing even though I prefer a sportier coupe or convertible.


Every RAV4 has Toyota Safety Sense:

  • Pre-collision safety system (AEB) with day/night pedestrian and day cyclist detection
    • All-speed active cruise control (CVT)
    • High-speed active cruise control (MT)
    • Lane trace assist with steering assist and lane centring function (CVT)
    • Lane departure alert with steering assist (MT)
    • Road sign assist (speed sign only)
    • Auto high beam

Toyota RAV4 has a 5 star ANCAP rating (tested 2019). ANCAP changes requirements each year needed to get 5 stars. Toyota stayed ahead of the ball, and RAV4 has active safety systems which should keep it current for many years to come.

As if all that wasn’t enough, RAV4 EDGE also has: ABS with brake assist, vehicle stability control, active cornering assist, Blind spot monitor, Rear-cross traffic alert, Hill-start assist, Brake hold, Seven airbags (driver and passenger front, front side, side curtain, driver knee), Reversing camera, Front and rear parking sensors, and
ISOFIX child restraint anchors for two rear seats.

Good Bits:

  • Unexpectedly comfortable ride
  • Lots of useable space
  • Fabulous automatic transmission

Not so Good Bits:

  • Exterior styling a trifle busy
  • CarPlay not yet available. Naughty!
  • Some colours not to my tastes


The styling has a lot going on, but will appeal to some, and not to others. I preferred to see it from the inside rather than from outside. I love the orange touches.

It is extremely comfortable on the road, yet has enough ground clearance for a little light off-roading.

Toyota increased warranty to 5 years/unlimited km in January.

EDGE costs over $51000 and has some stiff competition. The engine and driveline options seems mixed, and diesel engines are no more. I would rather a simple tick sheet allowing me to pick my own options including drive wheels, engine, and transmission.

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Facts and Figures: Toyota RAV4 edge

  • Toyota RAV4 – Edge
  • Engine: 2.5L 4cyl , 152kw/243Nm
  • Transmission: 8-speed automatic, AWD
  • Warranty: 5 years/unlimited km/ capped price service
  • Safety: Five stars
  • Origin: Japan
  • Price: from $47,140*MLP – Manufacturers List Price includes GST and LCT but excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP. Does not include price of any options.

Toyota RAV4 EDGE

Rating System (against others in its class)

  • Overall look and feel 6
  • Interior look and feel 6
  • comfort 6
  • Practicality 6
  • Engine 5
  • transmission 7
  • Technology – cabin 6.5
  • Technology – driver assist 6.5
  • Safety 6
  • Driveability 7

Total 57.5

Vehicle rated against others in its class

1 – terrible

5 – average

10 perfection

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