I drive BMW’s X4 30i and M40i

I drive BMW’s X4 30i and M40i

BMW X4 30i XDrive 2019 Review and rating

2019 BMW X4 30i XDrive Road Test, Review:

A car, and SUV, a 4-door coupe with a hatch, whatever you think it is, you’re right.

The German brands are all at it. They have a vehicle for every niche, every taste, and every occasion. It is harder to explain which niche the X4 fits in to.

If you think of X4 as an X3 with a rear end which has been sat in by an elephant, you won’t be too far wrong. It has a standard BMW interior, engine and drive train.

Designers have given the profile a coupe-like silhouette with the added convenience of 4 doors, just as they did with the 4 series Gran Coupe.

Once you get used to it, it gets under your skin with its superb handling and generous interior space. That is, if you ignore the elephant in the room, and the one that sat on the boot. Much of the space of the X3 is missing as far as cargo holds go.


You can hear David’s Overdrive programme HERE


The metalwork is impressive.

The body sits high off the ground with a roof which sweeps downwards from the b-pillar.

An over-size kidney grille and BMW roundel leave no room to mistake X4 for any other brand. They’re enhanced by LED lighting

There is a certain chunkiness to the look which appeals to those with an outdoorsy bent. Large 20””M” wheels, and doors which can be unlocked simply by touching the handle, give the outside much poignance.

The slightly bulky look has a solid and stately feel about it, and is adorned with the liberal application of M badging, and chrome highlights on the exhaust. A neat fake vent sits ahead of the front doors in a nod to sporty heritage


Very far from Trappist minimalism, X4 3.0i eschews the less-is-more ethos.

Everything you touch, see, and feel exudes class and quality. Metal finishes can be swapped out for wood if you prefer a warmer atmosphere. Metal finish extends to pedals and look distinctly sporty.

Seats are comfortable, leather-clad, and heated. Top option the latter, you lose the power bolster adjustment.

From the driver’s seat, you can reach…



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