Liberal Electric Car Myths BUSTED

Liberal Electric Car Myths BUSTED

Recently, the government ramped up a campaign making outrageous claims about the Labor plan to push electric cars for the future.

The claims are false, or at the very least misleading.

Electric cars in general, have vastly superior power and torque compared to a fossil fueled vehicle of a similar size.

After the short-sighted Liberal/National government killed off local car manufacturing two years ago, Australia became an importer of all things motored. We rely on the design vagaries of the countries wise enough to subsidise local jobs and technology.

The EU countries are moving slowly towards a 100% electric fleet and other manufacturers are following suit. Korea, the USA, and China are investing vast sums in part, to act on climate change.

EV Stories HERE:

Hyundai Ioniq

Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar E-Type

Renault Zoe

The PM claims that Australian government policy could in some way affect the production decisions of foreign car makers is absurd.

No cars will be made only for the Australian market unless they are made in this country, and that ship has sailed.

The Liberal Party screwed the pooch and are now crying foul. In fact, the local market is insignificant in world terms and nothing the federal government does will change that.

Scott Morrison claimed tradies will no longer be able to decide for themselves what kind of ute they want. That same day, Toyota announced an electric Hilux. Hilux is the best selling car in the country, and is a humble tradies’ ute, the very one the PM used as an example.

Liberal anti-electric car campaigns are about nothing more than supporting the existing fossil fuel investments of their party donors.

Claims that fossil fueled vehicles will be more expensive under Labor is also false. There is absolutely no evidence to back up the claims beyond the Liberal and National parties desire to frighten voters in to voting for old ideas.

To cut through the election spin, here are a few simple facts:

1 – electric vehicles are coming whether we like it or not.

2 – charging options are increasing fast

3 – fossil fueled cars will not be more expensive.

4 – electric vehicles are cheaper to run

5 – electric vehicles are vastly cheaper to service as there is no engine.

6 – electric vehicles are quieter, more powerful, and cleaner, than traditional cars

Currently, electric vehicles cost more but as the price of batteries continue to drop, that will change. Range is increasing, and charging time decreasing.

The main reason to change, is climate. Anyone who has ever driven an EV, loves them.


2 thoughts on “Liberal Electric Car Myths BUSTED

  1. what an impressive garage that would be if those cars were now all together. I too loved the Volt. I was gutted that it didn’t work here. Again, I lay the blame at the feet of governments who failed us. I’ve reviewed a lot of EVs over the years and have loved them all. I hope you follow the Videos on youtube!


  2. I have been driving a Holden Volt since 2014 and most of my travel has been in full electric mode. It does have a petrol powered range extending motor and a 32-litre petrol tank which I fill 4 times a year.
    The driving characteristics in EV mode are so much better than an IC car I cannot envision ever voluntarily going back to an IC vehicle. My past cars have included Wolseleys, Packards, Citroens, Delages, Fords, Holdens and even a Standard Vanguard (I was desperate and broke) So I can honestly class myself as an enthusiast and ex-petrol head.
    Regardless of who wins the upcoming election, EVs are coming and we will all be better off for it.


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