Above: This Week’s Car Review – 2020 Kia Sorento Sport Black Edition

Kia Sorento Sport Black Video Review

KIA Sorento is big, and bold, and very comfortable. Most of all, for under 50 grand, KIA Sorento is excellent value for money.

That is KIA’s biggest selling point, a lot of car for the money.

KIA Sorento is vast. Washing the metal is like painting the Harbour bridge, and the cavernous cabin is lavished with all manner of soft, cosy, coverings.

The Black Edition is based on the mid-range Sport model. If you didn’t know there were 2 more models above it in the range, you’d think you were in the range topper, is the amount of goodies they’ve crammed into this beast.

Read about it below:

KIA Sorento Black comes in an AWD diesel, or a front wheel drive V6 Petrol. What a shame there isn’t an AWD petrol option, but according to KIA, this is what a buyer prefers.

The 8-speed in house automatic is as smooth as a Bublé ballad, and the V6 has the merest hint of angry roar when pushed.

For the boy who wants to shove his sports gear in the back, and the girl who likes to sit tall, Sorento seems to offer the best of all worlds. The big KIA feels like a smaller car on the road because it handles well, especially for a larger vehicle.

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ABOVE: Graham Gambold (Local Tuning Expert), 2020 Kia Sorento Sport Black Edition


You miss out on the seat heating and cooling of the upper KIA models, and the audio system doesn’t pack quite the same wallop. So, don’t test drive the range topper, and you won’t miss that stuff.

The second row is capacious. Taller folk can stretch out on longer trips, but the third row is best left for short airport hops and the like.

All 3 rows are replete with cup holders, and all 4 doors have big bins. You can stick a bottle of water in, that you’ve brought from the home filter jug of course, and there is still a load of room for the road-trip flotsam.

The ride on most roads is great. You glide along, with gentle wafts of lightly cooled air on your face. Nasty noise from outside will nary bother you. It’s all been banished by clever sound proofing, and not a little design.

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto with stream your music, but hands free phone calls will be the bane of any passengers with hangovers. The speakers are so clear that you can hear what the caller had for breakfast. Hey Siri will do the trick, as long as you’re in cell range.

The Performance:

Is pretty snappy. Sport mode will get the front wheels chirping at the slightest push of the peddle. Brakes are nice and progressive, but won’t glue your face to the windscreen by accident. There is AEB of course, but don’t test it, your stomach won’t thank you for it.

Cruising is the nicest place to be.

You hum along smoothly, with just a gentle rock, as the suspension soaks up what passes for a highway in New South Wales.

You get out at the other end all fresh and eager. The driving position is just right, regardless of how much Christmas pudd you’ve gobbled.


The cargo hold has a foldable 3rd row of seats. With them stowed, you can fit 3 large suit cases in, with room to spare. Best of all, there is a proper spare wheel, none of that tyre repair nonsense here, thankfully.

KIA Sorento Black

Price $49,190 (diesel $52,690 )

Engine: 3.5 V6

Power: 206kw/336Nm

CO2: 332g/km

Warranty: 7 years (includes roadside assist), 7 years capped service

Exclusive Black Edition Package:

  • Gloss black grille, roof rails, side mirror covers,
  • Black front/rear skid plates, dark chrome door garnish
  • 19 inch gloss black alloy wheels with full size spare
  • Panoramic sunroof (powered)
  • Android Auto™[B]and Apple CarPlay™[C]
  • AEB (Autonomous Emergency Brake) with FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System)[S]
  • LED “ice-cube” front fog lights


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