Above: This Week’s Car Review – 2020 Kia Sportage GT Line Diesel

2020 Kia Sportage GT Line Diesel Automatic VIDEO REVIEW

Stepping in to a Kia Sportage, is to say something about you.

You don’t give a rat’s about badges, and care more for comfort and value. Quite right too. She is as pretty as a picture on the outside. There is a hint of muscle, mixed with playful schoolkid, and I like that.


Exterior design is gracefully executed from front to back.

The front end is all business with big powerful LED headlights. A chunky side profile includes doors with easy-access handles. The key can stay in your pocket, even when around the back. The tailgate swings elegantly skyward after a couple of less-than-discrete beeps.

Kia Sportage is big enough to be useful without being so big that you can’t park it.

The Kia is surrounded with sensors for parking, which are augmented by the obligatory reversing camera complete with rear cross traffic alert. The latter is handy coming out from between a couple of tradie’s vans at Bunnings.

Have a look at our first drive review below for more detail.

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ABOVE: 2020 Kia Sportage GT Line Diesel


If the outside is tastefully sculptured, the cabin is calm and quiet.

Front passengers have seat heating and cooling to go with their leather upholstery. The peeps in the pauper pews have to manage without the luxury of such temperature controls. They’re not totally bereft of comfort though. They still have lashings of leather, a cornucopia of cupholders, and a plethora of power points.

Rear seats fold 60/40 to accommodate even the plumpest pooch.

Controls were laid out by someone who cared about ease of use, and although Kia Sportage is 5 years old, it feels right up to date.

Should you feel in the mood, the JBL sound is astonishing for a car in this price range, all of which can be controlled just by saying “Hey Siri.” CarPlay turns your phone in to fun-central. Not only that, hands-free directions, messages, and phone calls can be had without having to lift a finger.

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The Drive:

Sportage is everyone’s friend.

Graham Gambold tunes every Australian Kia. He is keen on a sportier feel, with a superbly blurred line between the lust of cornering at warp 10, and the wafty comfort needed for long- distance touring.

Steering feels good. There is enough weight without feeling too heavy, and it’s complimented with sharp brakes and an entire alphabet of safety gadgets.

The diesel will get you almost 1,000km on a trip, and the 8-speed automatic is smoother than a fine old port.

2020 Kia Sportage GT Line

Drive away offer: $49,690 (Petrol- $46,690)

Power: 136kw/400Nm

Trans: 8-speed automatic


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